Travel The Comfort Way With These Clothes From NNNOW

Travelling is always fun. Until we come to the part of ‘what are you going to pack’ and ‘what are you going to wear on the trip’. I’d say there’s really only one way you SHOULD dress for your journey and that is comfortable. There are some who would prefer wearing styled outfits, but even those, I say, should be comfortable.

I mean, think about it – you’re going to be sitting in one place for extended periods of time, the least you could do is wear comfy clothing. I’ve put together a couple of options for you on what you can wear on your journey to and from a place. Read on to know more.

Let’s first look at the top wear

Loose T-Shirts

T-Shirts are usually made of cotton, which is probably the most comforting fabric out there. It works perfectly for both hot and cold climates and there’s really no way to look sloppy while wearing a nice t-shirt. It will give the illusion of put-togetherness while doubling to be comfortable. Get it now using NNNOW coupons.

Tank Tops

If you’re going to be traveling without air-conditioning, then this is the perfect option for you. Tank Tops are essentially nightwear that’s a bit more sophisticated. Add a light jacket and top and you’re good to go! Use CashKaro’s NNNOW discount code to buy yours.

Cotton Kurta

I cannot stress enough when I say cotton kurtas are the most comfortable. Make sure it’s a bit loose so it won’t press down on you and be comfortable. Cotton Kurtas also manage to give the wearer a ‘finished’ look. Buy yours with NNNOW offers

Let’s now look at bottoms:

Track Pants

Trust me when I say ‘no one is looking at your outfit on the flight’. Tracks are the most comfortable pants to be wearing on any vehicle. They aren’t tight and it’s usually made of cotton, making it light and soft. Ditch the skinny-fit jeans and get some tracks with NNNOW coupon codes.

Palazzo Pants

If you’re a bit hesitant to wear tracks, then Palazzo pants are the perfect alternative for you. The whole put-together aspect is there, but you will also be insanely comfortable. My little hack – find pants with pockets in them, you’ll thank yourself later. Get your ‘feels like air’ palazzos using NNNOW discount codes.

I think I’ve given you a pretty good list of options. Get them now using CashKaro’s NNNOW offers and save! Our NNNOW coupons will allow you to get cashback on all that you buy!

A loud-mouthed girl with an unhealthy obsession with coffee, animals and clothes, Shruthi is unafraid to voice her opinions and make herself heard. She hopes to make a mark on the world with her art and that starts here.


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