5 Simple Tricks To Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

Are you a globe trotter who is always on a lookout for cheap flight tickets? We know when you are a compulsive traveler or a frequent flyer, how finding cheap flight tickets becomes pertinent. Spending huge sums of money on booking flights can be a big deterrent for many of us. But the travel enthusiast in us sometimes makes us spend a little extra on such flight tickets. So, we thought of making the flight booking splurging sessions a way bit cheaper for you. We are here with a detailed guide about 5 simple tricks to help you buy the cheapest flight tickets in town:

Trick #1

Book Flights At Odd Hours

Too stringent about the flight timings? But want to save money as well? Then, it’s time to experience travelling at odd hours to save money. Go to any travel portal and look for flights on your intended day of travel. You will observe that flights taking off at odd hours are relatively cheaper than the ones scheduled at prime slots of time. Flights after 11 PM are much cheaper, so booking flights at odd hours can prove to be a boon.

The best part is that you don’t have to wade through the traffic menace while commuting to the airport. But this option might not work for people who are travelling with kids! So, you must ensure who you are travelling with before booking flights at odd hours.

Trick #2

Book Your Flights 90 Days in Advance

90 days sounds too far-fetched right? No, it doesn’t when you get flight tickets almost at half the price.  The travel giant Expedia concluded in a research that the lowest ticket price was offered by numerous airlines about 60-70 days prior to the scheduled date of travel.  Airlines try to lure the travelers to book tickets in advance by offering cheap prices for flights. As per the several flight booking trends, the ticket prices start to rev up once the flight date approaches.

So, if you are planning a travel in the near future, do think about booking your flight tickets 90 days in advance.

Trick #3

Take Connecting Flights

We know connecting flights sounds like a hassle, but it is the best way to save money. Go a little extra mile (like literally, LOL (smiley)) and spend some of your valuable time taking a longer route. It makes you fly for a longer duration, but it helps you save on your flights too. Moreover, if you are taking an International connecting flight, then you might get a chance to visit another country, based on your transit visa.

Get the best of both the worlds by taking connecting flights!

Trick #4

Book Through Cashback Websites

Earning cashback always make us happy, so why not book flight tickets through a cashback website. These sites work on the concept of providing cashback to their users who save money. Once they earn that cashback, the users can redeem it at a later stage to buy something else. So, go to a cashback website like CashKaro and search for any travel website, simply find the best offer and book the flights. Earn a cashback and enjoy the added savings!

Trick #5

Use Incognito While Searching Cheap Flights

If you are not familiar with Incognito, then you must know it lets you experience the magic of private browsing. It prevents the browsing history from being stored. You won’t find any cookies following you. Moreover, with incognito, web pages, text pictures, searches and more aren’t saved in the browser.

Once you start searching tickets repeatedly on your normal browser, the cookies track your searches. This makes the travel website track your particular search and hence they increase the flight price. So, to make your flight price cheaper, you must book your tickets through the Incognito window so that your searches do not get tracked.

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