Trigeminal Neuralgia: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a neuropathic disorder concerning the Trigeminal nerve. It can cause episodes of excruciating pain in the face, eyes, leaves, forehead region. It is also known as suicide disease because many people have tried to end their lives in pain.

It is also called fothergills disease. It causes sharp electric-like shock which can be felt lasting for a few seconds to even a full minute.

How does Trigeminal Neuralgia affect the body?

These may be the effects of Trigeminal Neuralgia on the body. Trigeminal Neuralgia can be caused due to pressure on the Trigeminal nerve. Impulses may be blocked. It can cause extreme pain in the face region.

What are the causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia can be given down as below. In most cases, Trigeminal Neuralgia is caused by a tumor compressing the Trigeminal nerve. It can be also related to multiple sclerosis. It can also occur as a result of aging. In some cases, Trigeminal Neuralgia can be caused due to genetic factors also.

What are the Risk factors of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The risk factors of Trigeminal Neuralgia can be given down as below. It can be caused due to genetic factors in patients. It is more prevalent in patients with age above 50 years. It can also occur in the young patient having multiple sclerosis.

What are the Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia can be given as below. Mild to severe facial pain can occur.

  • Sharp, electric shock-like effect can be felt in the facial region lasting for maybe few seconds to about a minute.
  • The patient can act strangely with pain and unable to do so some patients have already taken their lives. Make sure that you have a strong support group at home if you are facing such an attack.
  • The pain can be triggered by mastication or chewing process, talking, brushing teeth.
  • Severe pain can be found in the mouth region and face. Oversensitivity and tingling or burning sensation can be felt. Proximal attack of facial pain is another symptom. Sharp, severe, unilateral muscular spasms are found.

How is Trigeminal Neuralgia Diagnosed?

The diagnosis for Trigeminal Neuralgia can be given down as below. The doctor has to understand the type of Trigeminal Neuralgia, the location, and the triggers present. The physician will conduct a test which will comprise of the following:

  • Neurological exams and reflex testing where reflex of the patient will be checked only with different tests.
  • MRI or Magnetic resonance screening for the detection of tumor which is the reason for compression of the Trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal Neuralgia – Lifestyle Tips

These are the lifestyle tips recommended for people undergoing Trigeminal Neuralgia.

  • Exercise moderately everyday. Results have shown that exercising moderately will help you get over the pain easily.
  • Eat a proper balanced diet. Nutrition boost can help in a number of ways from keeping you healthy to functioning.
  • Each time you have an excruciating experience, write about it so that it will help you to get over your pain. Record your experiences.
  • See therapy or counseling from the doctor.
  • Consider having surgery and the tumor removed.
  • Seek appropriate medication, this is very important since so many of us do not know the proper ways how TN works.
  • If you are suffering through a lot, try complementary approaches. Develop coping strategies.

What are the prevention and control measures to be undertaken?

These are the prevention and control measures which have to be undertaken for the management of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Note down the symptoms every time. Notice triggers. Triggers are movements; no matter how much small they are they can create a provocation for the attack.

Make a list of key medical information. Hand it over to the doctor. Stay away from sharp objects during an attack.

What are the treatment options available for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

These are the treatment options which are available for the management of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

The allopathic medication available for Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment are given down.

  • anticonvulsants: can be used in the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia. ex: Tegretol/Carbatrol
  • antispasmodic medications like baclofen.
  • Botox injections. Botox injections have been found useful in the treatment of facial pain. However, it provides a temporary solution.

Other complementary approaches for treatment include: surgery: if you are suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for a long time, you may consider have been surgery.

  • In surgery, microvascular decompression can be done
  • other methods are brain stereotactic radiosurgery.
  • Glycerol injection.
  • Balloon compression method.
  • Radiofrequency thermal lesioning

What are the recommended exercises?

Patients suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia should exercise moderately everyday. Moderate exercise may improve pain symptoms. Ask your doctor for your workout routine.

What are the interactions with diseases ard pregnancy?

These are the interactions with Trigeminal Neuralgia and other existing conditions /pregnancy.

  • If the gene causing Trigeminal Neuralgia can be found, better treatment can be provided by the doctors. Trigeminal Neuralgia is one of the most painful conditions that exist.
  • It can occur in pregnant mothers also, medicine is not recommended at that time. It is unknown what effect the medicine may have on the foetus. therefore medicine should only be taken within a limit. It can also complicate the situation and produce a challenging combination.

What are the common complications of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The common complications of Trigeminal Neuralgia are given down as below.

  • Double vision/vision impairment.
  • Jaw weakness and loss of a corneal reflex.
  • Common complications include troublesome numbness.
  • And anesthesia Dolorosa.
  • Problem during mastication.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can Trigeminal Neuralgia be fatal?

Though Trigeminal Neuralgia is not directly fatal, it is one of the most painful conditions out there.

Q. Are there any pain safe food available?

Yes, there are pain safe food available. These are brown rice, dried fruit, thoroughly cooked vegetables, lots of green like lettuce and spinach, squash, sweet potatoes.

Q. What are the effects of stress on Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The effect of stress can cause symptoms to be aggravated. In Trigeminal Neuralgia, stress can be a triggering factor.

Q. Which nerve is associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The Trigeminal nerve is associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia where the inflammation occurs and causes this condition.

Q. What is the cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

There is no definite cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia, there are treatments available. The first line of treatment is medications which help in easing the symptoms.


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