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Lifestyle diseases increase day by day, pointing towards our unhealthy eating habits all the while. And if you think it’s the junk food that’s doing all the harm, you are wrong. The food supplies we purchase to cook food at home are equally important and responsible in our health conditions. Many a times, we have heard of contaminated or adulterated supplies creeping into the market, putting all of us at risk. Hence it is important to choose your supplies wisely.

Organic supplies available in Amazon Pantry come from trusted sources and the most reliable brands. Apart from being unadulterated, the ingredients of these organic supplies are cultivated using no artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

So go on and shop for your cooking staples from Amazon Pantry without any worry. And on top of an amazing selection of products, get exclusive Amazon Pantry coupons and promo codes from CashKaro for the most economic grocery shopping experience every month on Amazon India!

So here are some of our staples that you must shop from organic stores to ensure the best quality:

Pulses and Lentils

Pulses and lentils are staples of Indian cuisine. We simply cannot do without our dals and chanas. They contain the essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre needed in one’s daily diet, while being naturally gluten free and low in fat and calories. That being said, all the processing that takes place before it is packed, can seriously drain out its goodness. Get freshly sourced organic pulses and lentils from Amazon Pantry for the right amount of nutrients in your diet.


Spices are claimed to be the most adulterated supplies. We have heard all sorts of stories of spices and masalas being adulterated with harmful contents including food colouring, starch or even coloured saw dust! After all that news we surely do hesitate buying them from stores. But Amazon Pantry’s organic store has a range of trusted brands that bring you the best quality masalas and spices you can find. These are completely natural and guaranteed to be from the best sources.


Oils are another highly adulterated product. All oils available in the organic store of Amazon Pantry are produced and processed organically. So purchase your oils without worry about its quality. But do remember not only the quality, the quantity you use also matters. Avoid excessive oil content in the food you prepare at home.

Here are some organic brands to watch out for on Amazon Pantry:

24 Mantra

24 Mantra is one of India’s largest organic foods brands. They have been providing the Indian markets with quality organic food supplies since the past 15 years. Get assured discounts while shopping for their products with the Amazon Pantry coupons from CashKaro.

Natural Tattva

Natural Tattva is a certified organic brand that assures chemical free products and supplies. Their products are available in the Amazon Pantry at 10-35% off. They have everything from organic rock salt to masalas to oils and sugar in the store.

With our Amazon Pantry coupons, get up to 40% off on food supplies with additional 4% CashKaro rewards. Also avail flat 10% Pay Balance on orders over ?2000.

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