Twinkle Khanna: The Woman Whose Version 2.0 Has Taken the Nation by Storm

twinkle-khanna-2Born to a beautiful actress mother and married for 15 years to a Bollywood star, yet Twinkle Khanna did not make a career in the same trade. It’s not that she didn’t receive any recognition during her early days, but she made her own choices! She chose not to be written off as just another star-kid or star-wife and how!

With a no-nonsense attitude and a quirky tongue-in-cheek humour brigade, she launched her version 2.0 as – a prolific writer, a stunning interior designer and a secure multitasking mother with wit as her second skin.

Now, she brings to the table her second book “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad” after receiving immense appreciation from all and sundry for her initial semi-autobiographical venture “Mrs. Funnybones.”


Advaita Kala, Bollywood screenwriter, book writer and renowned news writer says “Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs. Funnybones is endearing, real and well-written.” With this book, she established herself as a real Indian woman who’s taken the Bollywood aura off her guard and is ready to show her unapologetic self to the world. In “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad”, she prides on it and celebrates womanhood in a moderately changing Indian society with poise.

Whether it is her blogs, or her interviews with ace Indian magazines, we as readers cannot but chuckle and giggle at the digs she takes at society, culture, politics, Bollywood and even at her own self. ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’ triumphs even further.

With undeterred hope and a new beginning to walk towards, Lakshmi Prasad, a 14-year-old girl becomes a symbol of independence in rustic Indian villages where unkempt landscapes and clean fresh air form the background of each story. The other three speak about wisdom and the sense of belonging as virtues which differentiate Indians from the other races. Four stories, four headstrong protagonists and a four-hour read later, we come to realize how hope and self-belief is all it takes to break free.


Twinkle Khanna’s observations of Indian men are more than just prodding lectures from the mouth of a feminist. Even when she poses publicly with her Actor husband, Akshay Kumar, you cannot really blame her for poking fun at all the men around.

Although she bases her sarcasm and humour on the societal norms men have and have-not grown up in, she doesn’t really blame them for being like that. She focuses on the larger picture – the societal taboos and what we can do about them. Just like one of the characters in the new book who rises above the “Haws” and “we’re not supposed to talk about” kind of conversations and devises low-cost sanitary products.

Even in the recent talk-show episode “Koffee with Karan”, she exuded a similar charm while talking about her last movie “Mela”, on why she moved on from Bollywood and when she faced the Rapid Fire round and spelled out a book she would like to write in future titled “Tentacles to Testicles”. No wonder, Akshay Kumar actually practised the song “Strangers in the Night,” and sang it perfectly for his wife.

Mrs. Funnybones, there are a million reasons why we, women and men too, love you and we look forward to your tales ever more.


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