Twitter Birthday

The microblogging platform Twitter celebrates its 10 years of presence on the web with Twitter HashtagEntering the world on March 21st, 2006 Twitter has amassed over 300 million active users till date. It all started when one of the founders, Jack Dorsey sent out the first ever tweet to mark the beginning of the 140-character revolution.

Since then, the social networking site has been a major breaking news platform for instant updates on latest happenings around the world. Twitter has also been the torchbearer for unique and inspiring social activist movements like #JeSuisParis, #BlackLivesMatter and #BringBackOurGirls.

To commemorate the special occasion, Twitter has created a two-and-a-half minute ad to thank its users. The video focusses on everything that has made Twitter unique over the years. The entire “thank you” message is squeezed within the 140-character limit to make the birthday more special.

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