Types Of Annoying People You Meet In A Metro

Everyone has travelled in the metro at least once in their lifetime and the experience could not be jotted down in one word. Thousands of people travel in the metro. Some are occasional travellers and others commute on a daily basis to their offices, colleges, shops, and what not. Some of you might even know the struggle of travelling during peak hours. That’s karma, people. Anyone you might have cheated, betrayed or abandoned, karma puts you in peak hour metro trains to let you feel the agony and misery. And that’s not enough! There would be people you’ll come across in metro who do absolutely bizarre things to spoil your already half spoiled day. We bring you the types of annyoing people you’ll meet in a metro.

The Stalkers


These type of people are always checking out others. Men checking out girls, boys checking out girls, and girls checking out other girls and their dresses. They are serial stalkers the moment they step into the metro coach. Their eyes are always wandering for their prey. They will make the other person feel super awkward but it will not matter to them because they are super busy stalking you. God save us all.

The Loud Mouths


They are always on their phone calls and the nightmare doesn’t end here. These type of people talk like the other person is somewhere on a parallel planet. HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I CAN’T HEAR YOU? HELLLLOOO? The irksome dose might start like this but has the potential to go on until you get down or vice versa. RIP hearing senses.

The Candy Crushers


Yes! You heard it right. They are not limited to ceaseless game requests on Facebook. They are everywhere like a parasite. They want nothing just their candy crush and they are sorted with their lives and that’s not SWEET.

Seat Snatchers


The most annoying among the lot. These type of people will probably do anything to rest their tashreefs on a seat. Always in haste, the seat snatchers are running here and there to get a seat. If they don’t, they die. Ek seat ki keemat tum kya jaano metro walo.

The Readers


They will not move an inch even if the metro catches fire. These type of people are so much hooked on their books, newspaper or magazines that they hardly notice anyone around. The calm and composed lot among the rest. Always try to get a seat near them may be you’ll get to learn something new.

The Foodaholics


Nom nom nom! Always stuffed with food in their mouths. These kind of people are the ones everyone is envious of. When you’re drenched with lost exertion, cursing the day and feeling the empty stomach someone from nowhere brings out a burger and starts munching it in front of you. No other thing in this world could possibly match that helplessness. You come alone, you die alone. *sobs*

Music Freaks


You’ll get to witness some quirkiest listening gears if you are travelling along with a music freak. These type of people are always high on music. They listen to music so loud even the aliens on some ‘Abracadabra’ planet can listen to it. You cannot even enjoy the music with them because all you get to listen is some really annoying music beats. Such a pain in the ears.

The ‘Push Them All’ People


Meet the Spartans in the metro. They believe in pushing everyone around them. High on temperament, low in public etiquettes. They want their unnecessary space and for that matter, they will freak out the hulk in everyone. Look around! Maybe a push of hand or a nudge is coming your way.

The Group Travellers


They shout, they scream, they laugh out loud, they HI5, discuss every  pedantic thing in this world. And most importantly, they travel in groups. Minimum 4 if you get lucky otherwise even Jesus cannot save you from the trauma. Mayhem!

The Kumbhkarans


Give them a shoulder and they will make a very good use of it. They will slowly and quietly lay their head down on your shoulder and the next moment they are into deep slumber. Snore!!!!

If we missed out any other category, feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear it.

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