Types of Bake ware on Big basket

Baking is such a satisfying experience and definitely the favourite among cooking enthusiasts. Even those who are not particularly fond of the regular cooking process, find joy in the process of baking. All the same, baking is no easy task. Everything from getting the batter right to setting your oven at the right temperature can be tricky.

So why waste your energy in hunting for the right bake when you have enough at hand to worry about! You can easily shop a variety of bake ware and other baking accessories from BigBasket in a few finger clicks. Here are the types of bake ware you can get your hands on from BigBasket:

Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are quite popular due to their flexibility and ease to handle. It also does not absorb stains and odours. BigBasket has the best quality silicone moulds that are 100% food-grade, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Silicone moulds are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – suitable for baking muffins, cupcakes and bread. They are oven safe up to 230ºC (450º F).

Checkout on BigBasket: HAZEL Silicone Round Cake Mould – Red, 1 pc

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Muffin Moulds

Muffin moulds come as slots of 6, 12 or more in a single tray. You can also opt for individual moulds that are not conjoined, which come in set of 3 or 6. Moulds are available in both silicone and metallic varieties. Some have designs at the bottom of the mould to make your muffins and cupcakes look cuter!

Checkout on BigBasket: Fackelmann Carbon Steel – Muffin Pan (with 6 cups) – 1 pc

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Metallic Cake Moulds (Set of 3)

These are a must-buy if you are a frequent baker. These bake ware sets have cake moulds of different shapes and sizes in a single combo pack. These are especially helpful if you are working on larger quantities of batter or a layered cake. Even if not, these are pretty economically priced for a pack of 3 moulds.

Checkout on BigBasket: DP Cake Moulds – Metal, Small, 3 pcs (BB 1012 GRY)

Food-grade Aluminium Bake ware

Cake moulds and muffin moulds are available in food grade aluminium as well. This is the cheaper option among bake ware materials and has been in use since a very long time. These are strong, lightweight and will last for years if carefully used. They can be used in normal OTG, microwave oven (in convection mode) & pressure cookers.

Checkout on BigBasket: HAZEL Food Grade Aluminium Round Cake Mould – 8 Inch, 1 pc

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Unique Shaped Bake ware

BigBasket has a collection of unique shaped baking moulds including teddy bear shaped, heart shaped and more. These shaped varieties are available for cake and muffin moulds, in both silicone and metallic options. Checkout all the options in the bake ware section on BigBasket.

Checkout on BigBasket: DP Teddy Bear Cake Mould – Grey BB 633, 1 pc

Apart from bake ware, other baking paraphernalia are also available on BigBasket, like brushes, cutters, icing bag, spatula, stencils, measuring cups, and more! Check out the entire bake ware section on BigBasket with around 200 different products up for sale!

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