Types of Ice-Creams on BigBasket

types of ice cream on Bigbasket

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! We have all jumped around reciting this as tiny tots, waiting for our ice-creams. Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular desserts around. There are several leading Indian and international ice-cream brands selling their products in our markets.

Other than the tons of regular tubs of ice-cream, BigBasket also has a selection of different forms of ice-cream for you. Here is our list of favorites from the BigBasket list:


The truly Indian ice-cream! This thick, creamy and dense ice-cream variant is generally served on a stick and doesn’t melt away as easily as a regular stick of ice-cream. The unique aspect of kulfis is that it also comes in savory flavors like saffron (Kesar), rose, cardamom (elaichi), pistachio and more.

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Sorbet is an icy, no-dairy frozen dessert made from fruit and sugar. It is made by churning the fruit and sugar syrup in an ice cream maker. It is not creamy due to a lack of milk but is scoopable. It has an intense fruit flavor and is the best choice if you want to cut dairy content in your dessert.

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Though originally an Italian sweet, cassata has been Indianised into layered ice cream for long. It is usually a combination of three flavors, on a sponge cake base, with chopped nuts on top. The most common combination is the pistachio-vanilla-strawberry trio with nuts.

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Ice Cream Stick

One of the most popular forms of ice-cream among children is undoubtedly the ice-cream stick. Slurping away our favorite flavor of ice cream stick is a delightful experience! And the most popular version of the ice-cream stick is definitely the Chocobar. Order away your favorite ice cream stick from BigBasket!

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Ice Cream Cake

Best of both worlds in one dessert! Ice cream cakes have creamy ice cream layered between chocolate sponges, topped with Choco chips or chocolate crumbles. These melt-in-the-mouth cakes are perfect for any occasion. They are available in multiple flavors like chocolate, black forest, butterscotch cookie and more!

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