Forts In Bangalore: 10 Most Historic Unexplored Forts In Bangalore

Bangalore is a fast-moving metropolis privileged with a welcoming climate, elevated skyscrapers, quirky cafes, and swelling IT hubs. Well, there is more to this infectious city of ‘Gardens’ than these swanky places. Many of us are still unaware of the fact that Bangalore is a city encompassed with nine hill forts aka ‘Navdurgas’. These forts stand witness to the glorious past of an ancient era. Located in proximity to the city of Bangalore, some of these nine hill forts serve as popular tourist destinations.

Why Go there? Heritage | Scenic Beauty | Adventure
Ideal For: History lovers | Nature Lovers | Adventure buffs
Trivia: Bangalore comprises of the highest percentage of engineers in the world | It has more than 200 lakes and tanks | Known as the Garden City | It is also the Pub capital of India | Birthplace of MTR | IT and Start-up Capital of India
Things To Bring Back: Handicrafts | Spices | Mysore Silk Saris

List Of Most Significant Forts In & Around Bangalore

Forts In & Around Bangalore Distance from the City Centre
Nandi Durga 60 Km
Makali Durga 60 Km
Channarayana Durga 98 Km
Devrayana Durga 70.9 Km
Bairava Durga 60 Km
Huliyur Durga 94.2 Km
Savana Durga 50 Km
Kabbala Durga 81.4 Km
Hutri Durga 60 Km
Bangalore Fort 5.1 Km

Guide To The Most Historic Forts In & Around Bangalore

1. Nandi Durga Fort – Beautiful Fort in Bangalore

Nandidurga Fort

Nandidurga is an ancient hill fortress of Southern India that sits atop the Nandi hills. The hill fortress was once called Ananda Giri (The hill of happiness) during the Chola period. It is also said that the fortress got its name from Yoga Nandeeshwara who performed penance at the hill.

Nestled in the verdant grasslands, the fortress looks stunning while overlooking the enormous hilly range. Travel to this serene paradise to delve into the history of the fort and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Distance From The City Centre: 60 Km

Things To Do At Nandi Durga Fort:

  • Seek blessings at the Lord Brahma Temple
  • Explore Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat
  • Visit the Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium
  • Trek to Nandidurga

2. Makali Durga Fort – Victorian Style Fort in Bangalore

Makali Durga Fort

Perched atop a granite hillock sits the opulent Makalidurga fort. The fort’s design showcases a Victorian style architecture. Elevated at a height of 1117 m, this hill fort is home to the famous old Shiva temple where Markandeya Rishi performed penance.

Makalidurga is a famous trekking spot among travellers. The fort is enveloped by sheets of grasslands making for a breathtaking landscape. You can trek to the hilltop to visit the Makalidurga Fort while getting enamoured by the stunning landscape.

Distance From The City Centre: 60 Km

Things To Do Makali Durga Fort:

  • Explore the Grover Zampa Vineyards
  • Visit the Ghati Subramanya Temple
  • Rejuvenate at the spa
  • Seek blessings at the Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple

3. Channarayana Durga Fort – Magnificent Fort in Bangalore

Channarayana Durga Fort

Channarayana Durga Fort is a magnificent hill fort constructed by a local king named Chikappa Gowda. Constructed with complex architecture, this fort which is a seven-storied structure now lies in ruins. The fort was conquered by the Marathas and later passed on to the British.

The stunning view of the adjoining landscape from the fort is a treat to the eyes. As the fort has been constructed by employing a complex technique, it gets difficult to find the way out of the fort. You can also enjoy trekking to this historic site while gazing at the mesmerizing vistas.

Distance From The City Centre: 98 Km

Things To Do Channarayana Durga Fort:

  • Sightseeing at Madhugiri
  • Explore the Jayamangli Blackbuck reserve
  • Visit Nandi Hills
  • Eat at the Nisarga Dhaba

4. Devrayana Durga Fort – Popular Fort in Bangalore

 Devrayana Durga Fort

Devrayana Durga Fort is a marvellous architectural citadel created during the Victorian era. It leads to an expansive walkway leading to the fort that sits on the hillock known as Anebiddasari. The fort is dotted with shrines namely ‘Bhoganarsimha’ and ‘Yoganarsimha’, that serve as the base of the treks to Devrayana Durga Fort.

The rocky hills and the treacherous trails make Devrayana Durga Fort one of the top trekking destinations near Bangalore.

Distance From The City Centre: 70.9 Km

Things To Do At Devrayana Durga Fort:

  • Explore the BR Hills
  • Visit the Bandipur Forest Reserve
  • Explore the heritage at Hassan
  • Camp at the dense forests in Dubare

5. Bairava Durga Fort – Famous Fort in Bangalore

Bairava Durga Fort

Mostly in ruins, Bairava Durga Fort was constructed by Kempe Gowda who was a ruler under the Vijayanagara Empire. The fort is situated near Magadi that makes it easily accessible from Bangalore.

Bairava Durga Fort is renowned for its moderate treks uphill. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the enormous landscape. Gazing at the beautiful sunset from atop is definitely a treat to the eyes.

Distance From The City Centre: 60 Km

Things To Do At Bairava Durga Fort:

  • Visit the Nehru Nilaya
  • Seek blessings at the Bhimeshwara Temple
  • Visit the Prestige Golfshire Club
  • Go for Extreme Karting and other adventure sports

6. Huliyur Durga Fort – Secluded Fort in Bangalore

Huliyur Durga Fort

Tucked away from the city of Bangalore, Huliyurdurga is another secluded fort. The fort is mostly in ruins. It was built by Kempe Gowda I. The fort is constructed over a peculiar hill that is shaped in the form of an inverted cup which makes it difficult to reach the fort.

Distance From The City Centre: 94.2 Km

Things To Do At Huliyur Durga Fort:

  • Visit the Holy Trinity Church
  • Richmond Town Methodist Church
  • Explore the Sri Huliyuramma Temple
  • Visit the Chukki Mane

7. Savana Durga Fort – Historic Fort in Bangalore

Savana Durga Fort

Located near Magada, Savana Durga is a fort that forms the largest monolith structures in Asia. Savana Durga Village is formed by two hills namely Karigudda (black hill) and Billigudda (white hill). Perched at a height of 1227 M, Savana Durga Fort offers stunning views of the serene surroundings. It is quite a popular destination due to its picturesque surroundings and historic architecture.

Distance The City Centre: 50 Km

Things To Do At Savana Durga Fort:

  • Visit the beautiful hill station of Chikmagalur
  • Explore Hassan – the city of Hosayala heritage
  • Visit Ramnagar
  • Seek blessings at Kukke Subramanya

8. Kabbala Durga Fort – Stunning Fort in Bangalore

Kabbala Durga Fort

A place where the holy shrine of the Goddess of Kabbalamma exists, this stunning fort boasts of ancient architecture and bedazzling views. This pyramid-shaped hillock is a favourite trekking spot among adventure seekers.

If you are an amateur, then the Kabbaldurga trek is perfect for you. The way atop the hill is filled with thrill and heavenly views. You can take your adventure driven souls through the treacherous trails for an exciting escapade.

Distance From The City Centre: 81.4 Km

Things To Do At Kabbala Durga Fort:

  • Visit Gavirangana Betta
  • Explore the Chunchi Falls

9. Hutridurga Fort – Magnificent Fort in Bangalore

Hutri Durga Fort

Hutridurga Fort is a magnificent structure built in the 16th century by Kempegowda. Conquered by Tipu Sultan in the year 1791, the Hutridurga fort is now mostly in ruins. Encompassed by two hillocks surrounding the village of Hutridurga, the fort is believed to have been a seven-storied structure.

The fort also comprises of the Shankareshwara Temple aka. Shiva Temple. The Hutridurga Fort is famed for being a great trekking location among the visitors.

Distance From The City Centre: 60 Km

Things To Do At Hutridurga Fort:

  • Visit Narayangiri

10. Bangalore Fort – Famous Fort in Bangalore

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort is one of the magnificent marvels of the city. The Bangalore Fort was originally built as a mud fort in 1537 by Kempe Gowda. Later, the fort was held by Tipu Sultan, which at a later stage got seized by the British. Constructed in red sandstone, the visitors can now only witness remains of the Delhi Gate in the Bangalore Fort.

It is the most visited fort in Bangalore that honors the great rulers of the ancient era. Visit the Bangalore Fort to dive into the history of the great rulers.

Distance From The City Centr: 5.1 Km

Things To Do At Bangalore Fort:

  • Visit the Bull Temple
  • Go shopping at ET Namma Mall
  • Explore the riddle room
  • Visit the ISKCON temple

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