Let’s play this quick quiz!

  • Is Limeroad your go to online shopping portal?
  • Do you spend hours browsing on Limeroad?
  • Do you wait for seasonal sales to make the most out of your shopping on it?
  • Do you find yourself cashless pretty soon after buying only a few products?
  • Have you ever wished that your savings didn’t have a break-up with you while you shopped?
  • Does the below picture strikes a familiar chord with you?

Pay Day

If you answered yes to three or more questions, you must read this entire post whole-heartedly to make your shopping experience on Limeroad extra rewarding. I answered yes to more than five questions. *cough*

The most satisfying thing for a person shopping from Limeroad is having a decent amount of money left in his/her wallet after indulging in crazy shopping from there. But miraculous situations like these are only limited to days when Limeroad can be seen in its Christmas giving spirit. That happens in the form of occasional deals and offers or festive sales. Now imagine keeping yourself waiting to buy that fresh pair of rugged jeans until there’s a slash in the price tag or a sale sprouting up. And imagine the revulsion of seeing ‘Sold out’ on that very pair when you could finally purchase it. That hurts! That hurts terribly, right? The world doesn’t seem fair!

Full Price Shopping


It’s time to make such painful days a thing of history and say goodbye to empty wallet days even after shopping to your heart’s content on Limeroad. Now you will be able to shop as well as save on India’s mega online shopping portal!

Are you wondering how that’s going to happen? Are you ready to unlock the secret of making mega savings on Limeroad?

Meet CashKaro.com, India’s top Cashback and Coupon site which rewards customers for visiting online stores via its site. CashKaro has credited over Rs.20 crores across a million registered users as Cashback. It also raised Rs.25 crore in Series A funding from Kalaari Capital recently.


So what is it about CashKaro which sets it apart from its coupon competitors? It’s the “Cashback”. When you shop via a coupon site or CashKaro, they are paid a certain commission from the retailers on every purchase of yours. While the other coupon sites choose to keep this commission to them, CashKaro shares a part of its commission with its users in the form of Cashback. How awesome is that! This means that you get to shop as well as earn only at CashKaro! So always avail Limeroad coupons via CashKaro to get access to tempting deals.

Happy Shopping

Last month, I shopped from Limeroad for Rs.3000. All thanks to CashKaro, I still didn’t feel bankruptcy emerging on me. Do you know why? That’s because I got to earn a whopping Rs.1020 as Cashback from CashKaro. The feeling of seeing mails drop in my mail box from CashKaro stating that “Your Cashback has got tracked” and “Your Cashback has got confirmed” are simply out of the world.

It’s like receiving love letters all year round from your Valentine. CashKaro is truly my valentine!

So now when you know my best kept secret of making huge savings when shopping from Limeroad, what are you waiting for? Stop staring and sign up for CashKaro to enter in a magical world of irresistible deals!

Offers and DealsMake CashKaro your exclusive online shopping partner and get all of your online shopping prayers answered! This is the best destination for you to shop as well as save on Limeroad.

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