“All great friendships start with a paw-shake!”

Dogs have always been an embodiment of love and loyalty. A dog infact is the only creature who is capable of loving you more than he loves himself. This emotion was expressed by an old Labrador Retriever, Lady, who was dealt with her share of hardships.


Lady, whose former name was Ma Kettle initially found her way to the animal shelter when her owner died in 2012. She was then adopted by a family in Kansas and it seemed like that was the end of it. Sadly for Ma Kettle, the new owners brought in puppies and decided to get rid of her as they felt she’s too rough with the new members.

Ma Kettle had no idea her life is being uprooted once again as she was driven off with an unknown lady miles away from her adopted family. The poor creature had no idea she’d been left alone and abandoned by a family she considered her own. In an attempt to reunite with her “family”, she escaped from the backyard and travelled 30 miles finding her way back to her owners.


This gesture and show of loyalty and companionship would melt even the most heartless people, but sadly for Ma Kettle her owners refused to take her in as they felt she is no longer a fit for their family. This gut wrenching and souls stirring story took social media and the internet by storm and people started volunteering to give her a forever home.


However, the tables truly turned for Ma Kettle when her story was learnt by Helen Rich- an heir to the Wrigley Fortune. Helen, who already lives with seven rescue dogs, instantly connected to Ma Kettle’s abandonment and struggle and decided to reach out. She sent in two personal assistants and a private jet to get Ma Kettle flown in to Florida. Rich truly gave this little darling the happy ending she’d yearned for.


Lady, as she is now known, enjoys a happy and healthy life on a 120 acre Florida farm in the loving and benign company of Helen Rich. Most of the times dogs are the four legged angels who walk into our lives, but it is always heartening to see humans become a beacon of hope for dogs!

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