Ever since CashKaro.com came into being, it had loyal customers that never left and continue to enjoy Cashback and Refferral money to this date. One of them is the timid and incredibly brainy Amal Augustine. He is the same engineering student who sold a domain name to Mark Zuckerberg!  He’s earned almost a lakh rupees as Cashback through his endless referrals and has even interned at the Gurgaon headquarters. We spoke to Amal about his experience with CashKaro and his plans for the future. Here’s the complete interview.


CashKaro: Tell us about your association with CashKaro.com. How did you get introduced to CashKaro? How long you been hooked onto it?

Amal: I joined CashKaro back in June 2013 and I think someone referred me to CashKaro through Facebook. Since 2013, I have been a loyal customer of CashKaro and I learnt and earned well from CashKaro.

CashKaro: How much Cashback have you earned on online shopping through CashKaro?

Amal: As of today, my total paid earnings are Rs 98,593 and most of it is from my referrals.

CashKaro: Making that much money (Real Cashback in bank a/c) while still being a student. What’s the feeling like?

Amal: I was independent after I began to earn online, and CashKaro has helped me to cover my online shopping expenses as I was an online shopping addict.

CashKaro: What has been the maximum one time cashback amount and what was the purchase?

Amal: It was Rs 755 for an order of Rs 9,000 from amazon. I don’t remember what the product was.

CashKaro: You have also earned a lot through the Referral Program. How many people have you referred and how does that work in your benefit?

Amal: Yes, Most of my earnings are from my referrals. I have about 2300 referrals and some of them are active shoppers and I do get paid for all their earnings. The referral system of CashKaro is so much better than other referral programs, because all others pay once for referring a customer, but CashKaro rewards you forever every time your referral shops.

CashKaro: Being the loyalist user of CashKaro for so many years, you also ended up doing an internship here. Your experience?

Amal: I was so lucky to do an internship at CashKaro and it has helped me very well to learn many things and how CashKaro actually works. I could say that the workplace is so good and whole team is very helpful and friendly. Also, I really loved the celebration of events at CashKaro and the unity of every team there.

CashKaro: Do you think it is the perfect place for a student to shop via CashKaro. If yes why?

Amal: Definitely yes! While being in college, everyone wants to save money on ordering pizza, booking flight, hotel, bus and shopping online. So CashKaro can help everyone to save money on all their orders and find the best ways to shop online.

CashKaro: Your Future Plans?

Amal: I am passionate about blogging and affiliate marketing, and I wanted to work in these areas. Eventually, I wish to do something in affiliate marketing. Also now, I am working on my own website www.TechBuy.in which promotes the best daily deals online.

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