Still stuck on the old ways of shopping? You might want to read on to get to know about this unbelievable way to make money while you shop. And don’t worry, the formula is so brilliant ki abba bhi maan jaenge.

Need is the mother of all inventions, and Rancho, being a practical and smart student always thought of new ways to better the ways of living. He brought a wave of revolution with an idea that could help anyone save up to 25% on online shopping with an app called CashKaro.

Farhan and Raju were doubtful. They didn’t believe such a thing was possible and followed Chatur for a while. They waited for sales and tried all tricks they could to save. But Rancho had more; a sure shot, advanced yet simple method that would help them earn lifelong.

He introduced them to CashKaro – India’s largest Cashback & Coupons site. He explained how they could shop on over 1500+ shopping sites like Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Udemy, Tata Cliq, Testbook, etc., by simply creating their account on CashKaro for free. Every time they made a transaction using CashKaro, they would get up to 25% cashback in the form of real cash! On some retailers like Amazon, they could save in the form of rewards. Rewards could be redeemed for Amazon or Flipkart gift cards which could be used on those sites on future purchases.

The cashback would get added to their CashKaro account automatically and once the amount was over ₹250, it could be transferred to their bank accounts. Toh agar paneer sone ki bhav bikne lage, savings ki guarantee toh ho gayi!  This up to 25% cashback and rewards were above all existing discounts offered on the shopping sites. They could even earn a 10% cut if they referred others to use CashKaro. Farhan and Raju were ecstatic.

They even got to know that CashKaro offered savings on any category like:

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Recharge & Bill Payments
  • Electronics
  • Health & Medicine
  • Food & Grocery
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Fashion
  • Beauty

Soon Chatur, Abba, Ma, the professor, sab maan gae. All of them joined the league of over 5 million CashKaro users. They were very happy to make a shift from traditional to online shopping while saving big bucks. Suhas however, still cribbed about his 5 lakh ki sherwani…but he’ll get there.

So, don’t be like Suhas and up to 25% ka tohfa kabool karo. Gear up and start your journey to get all your savings jo ab tak behti hawa si kho gayi thi.

Combine the creativity and curiosity of a centaur, and the dependability and attention to detail of a ram, Surabhi is what you get! You wouldn't be entirely wrong if you call her Auguste Rodin's muse - her friends and family bet that 'The Thinker' is inspired by her. She's also a pluviophile who loves cracking not-so-appropriate meal time jokes, as well as binging on romance fiction and Lana Del Rey.


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