Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movies 2019 List: Best Leonardo DiCaprio New Movies & Next Films

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor and a film producer who is world-renowned for his work in a number of movies in different genres. He has a diverse and unmatched career that only few actors can boast of having. He started his journey from humble beginnings to become a leading man in Hollywood blockbusters. Apart from his acting chops, he is also passionate about environment preservation and is famous for his generosity. Leo donated $ 1,000,000 to earthquake relief funds and he donated the same amount of money to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movies 2021: Leonardo DiCaprio New Movies & Next Films

1. Delirium – Leonardo DiCaprio New Movie

Director: Dennis IIiadis

Cast: Topher Grace, Genesis Rodriguez, Patricia Clarkson

Release Date: 22 May 2018

Delirium is a psychological horror movie that tells the story of a man who is recently released from a mental institute and finds out that his parents have passed away. He inherits a mansion that his wealthy parents have left for him. Soon, there are some paranormal activities and other disturbing events which make him believe that the mansion is haunted. Who are these spirits behind these events? Are these the spirits of his parents?

The movie answers all your questions but meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of the movie before heading to the theatres.

2. Robin Hood – Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movie

Director: Otto Bathurst

Cast: Eve Hewson, Taron Egerton, Jamie Dornan

Release Date: 21 November, 2018

Robin Hood is an action-adventure movie based on Robin Hood who is a legendary mythical figure of the 16th century. Robin Hood is said to be a highly skilled archer and swordsman who stole from the rich to give to the poor.  In this movie, Taron Egerton is a war-hardened crusader who mounts an audacious revolt with an ally Morrish Commander (Jamie) against a corrupt English crown. The movie offers you all, gritty battlefield action and timeless romance between the characters.

Watch the exciting trailer of the movie to take a sneak-peak into the movie:

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