Emma Watson Upcoming Movies 2019 List: Best Emma Watson New Movies & Next Films

Emma Watson has come a long way since her Harry Potter days and she is now not just a world-renowned actress. Apart from that, she is also a well-respected activist for women’s rights. After the worldwide success of Beauty and the Beast, she has spent most of her time going around the world and speaking in public conferences making people aware of the injustices that still exist in this society. She is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood, let us have a look upon the upcoming movies of Emma Watson.

Emma Watson Upcoming Movies 2021 List: Emma Watson New Movies & Next Films

1. The Queen of the Tearling – Emma Watson New Movie

Directed/Story By: Erika Johansen
Cast: Emma Watson
Release Date: 2019

Warner Brothers acquired the rights to the book ‘Queen of the Tearling’ some time back and taking forward it to make a movie by the same title. Emma Watson got interested in the project so much that she decided to co-produce the film. She will also be seen playing the leading role in the film. There is no word yet on when the film will release but we are excited for this Emma Watson upcoming movie.

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