UPPCL Complaint Number Lucknow: Contact UP Energy Customer Care

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) or UP Energy distributes electricity in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Founded in the year 1999, this government-run entity strives to provide uninterrupted utility services in every part of UP. In this article, you will find the latest UPPCL complaint number, email IDs, and toll-free numbers to contact their team and get your complaints resolved as soon as possible.

UPPCL Electricity Customer Care Number: Online Complaint Details & Email IDs

The UPPCL team offers prompt support to every customer to ensure their comfort. To file your UPPCL complaints, you can dial the number 1800-180-0440 or email their team on – customercare@uppcl.org. You can also talk to one of their representatives via WhatsApp via the details given below.

UPPCL Customer Care DetailsUPPCL Customer Care Number
UPPCL Customer Care Number (Madhyanchal)1800-180-0440
UPPCL Customer Care Number (Paschimanchal)1800-180-3002
UPPCL Customer Care Number (Dakshinanchal)1800-180-3023
UPPCL Customer Care Number (Purvanchal)1800-180-5025
UPPCL Customer Care Email IDcustomercare@uppcl.org

Get the UPPCL Customer Care WhatsApp numbers by following this link – https://www.upenergy.in/uppcl/en/article/uppcl-now-whatsapp

UPPCL Corporate Address

Shakti Bhawan 14
Ashok Marg, Lucknow
Contact Number – 0522-2287525

UPPCL Officers Contact Details

DesignationOfficer NameContact DetailsMobile NumberEmail ID
CHAIRMAN UPPCLSri M. Devaraj (IAS)2287827/ Fax-8701NAcmd@uppcl.org
MD UPPCLSri Pankaj Kumar (IAS)2288377 / Fax-8708NAmd@uppcl.org
Director (F&A)Sri 2287805/87202287798directorfin@uppcl.org
Director (P.M.& Admin)Sri A. K. Purwar2287787NAdirector_p@uppcl.org
Director (Distribution)Sri Ashwani Kumar Srivastava22878049415099125directordist@uppcl.org
Director (Commercial)Sri 2287806NAdirectorcomm@uppcl.org
Director (Corporate Planning)Sri 2287826NAdirector-com@uppcl.org
Director (SLDC)Sri Amrendra Singh KushwahaFax-8509NAdirector_sldc@upptcl.org
Chairman (Vidyut Seva Ayog)Sri  Dileep Kumar 052229705252218521chairvsa@uppcl.org
ED (Finance)Sri A. K. GuptaFax-83069415608151gmfn@uppcl.org
Staff Officer to ChairmanSri J.K. SinghRax-87102287811sochairman@uppcl.org
CE (Power System)Sri Ajay Chauhan22878792331380ceps@upptcl.org
CE (CMUD)Sri Ashish Asthana22184149415006206cecmud@uppcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-1)Sri Sandeep Singh22864569415220342adsecy.pm1@uppcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-2)Sri 2288007 / 2288743(f)2320650 / 9415608172adsecy.pm2@uppcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-3) Sri Fax 83312287704/ 9454468991adsecy.pm3@uppcl.org
Secty. (Vidyut Seva Ayog)Sri Sumit Kr Agarwal23282522353343sectyvsa@uppcl.org
C.E (Commercial-II)Sri S.P. Singh22880972431735ceeaduppcl@gmail.com
CE (Hydel)Sri Chandrika Prasad Yadav2288656 Fax 82812717565cehydel@uppcl.org
CE (DSM) Sri Ashish Asthana2218342288835ce.dsm3@gmail.com
CE (PPA)Sri J.P.S. Gangwar
RAX 8812
CE (Enquiry Committee)Sri  Chandrika Prasad Yadav23282522287037ceenquiry@uppcl.org
CE (Planning)Sri Sanjeev Shukla
CE/SE (Computerisation)
Sri G.D. DwivediRax 8376, 81862288801,
CE (Commercial)Sri A.K. SrivastavaFax 8341,  22878692418027cecomm@uppcl.org
CE(RAU)Sri Neeraj  Agarwal22878422462744cerau@uppcl.org
CE Civil-ISri R K Singh23496262347125cecivil1@uppcl.org
CE Civil-IISri Subhash Chandra Mishra22185838004922561cecivil2@uppcl.org
Executive Director (RESPO)Sri Binay Bhusan Rai22877332326286
Director General (Training & HRD)Sri Arun Kumar Rawal2476347NAdg.thrduppcl@gmail.com 
Director (ETI)Sri Mahendra Singh2476347NAdirector_eti@uppcl.org
JS EM01Sri S.P. Singh 22878269415608160js.01@uppcl.org
JS EM02Sri Indramani22878139454468980js.02@uppcl.org
JS (H/Q)Sri Ram Chandra22878129453005828js.hq@uppcl.org
JS (AQ)Sri Binay Chandra KumarFax 84199453005846js.aq@uppcl.org
JS (DP)Sri Uttam Kumar Saxena 22878109453005828js.dp@uppcl.org
JS (KVN)Sri Durga Pd Dixit0522 22860959454469009jskvn@uppcl.org
JS (T&MPI)Sri R. K. GuptaFax 8622 9415608172js.tmpi@uppcl.org
JS (N.G.)Sri Shamsad AhmadFax 84309454469006js.ngreg@uppcl.org
JS (Works)Sri AmrenduFax 84192340716js.works@uppcl.org
GM (IR)Sri Alok  Kumar Srivastav22878142471669gmir@uppcl.org
D.G.M. (IR)Sri Pradeep SrivastavaFax 84629453007402dgm.ir@uppcl.org
CGM (F&A)Sri Anil Kumar  Awasthi2288187NAdgmtaxuppcl@gmail.com
Secretary TrustSri Anil Kumar  Awasthi2288187NAsectrustlko@gmail.com
Dy. Secretary (Trust)Sri T.A. Khan4248434945304563ee.upspset@gmail.com
DS- 2ASri A.K. RaiRax-84364013313ds2a@uppcl.org
DS (T&MPI)Sri R. K. GuptaFax -8220/83282394335dstmpi@uppcl.org
DS- 07Sri Rajendra Kumar VermaFax-9454468980ds07@uppcl.org
DS- 03/04Sri Himanshu VarshneyFax-86129415608186ds0304uppcl@gmail.com
DS- 2BSri SadanandFax-84169453005816ds.2b@uppcl.org
DS (WORKS)SriFax-83279415608159dsworks@uppcl.org
DS (Gopan)Sri Ravi Kumar0522-22185279415608177gopan06uppcl@gmail.com
DS -05(B)Sri A.K. Sinha2288986/8233NAds05bpcl@gmail.com
DS-(05E)Sri Rajesh Kumar Dixit94152209722394544ds05e@uppcl.org
DS-(05A) DP & Vigilance Sri Umesh Jain Rax- 8513NAds05a@uppcl.org
Public Information Officer
(UPPCL Headquarter RTI)
Sri Vivek KumarRax 83299454468974piouppclhq@uppcl.org
CMODr. 94151046732207904cmo.dr@uppcl.org
PROSri K. K. Singh0522-22889609415901139pro2@uppcl.org
Sports Officer (HQ)Sri Imranul Haque22182199453005872spo@uppcl.org
EE (Pension Cell EMU Shakti Bhawan)Sri Aurag SaxenaFax-81579415114075eepc@uppcl.org
SE (HQ) CivilSri D.P. Singh9415114090
EE (MU)Sri Ashish  Sinha0522-22181589415114076eemu@uppcl.org
A E (H/Q) (Shakti Bhawan)Sri R.N. Pal2287701-Fax-82180941511408ae.hq@uppcl.org
Care Taker (Shakti Bhawan)Sri Rahul Maurya9415114077
Shakti Bhawan Exchange LucknowLucknow 2218222 / Fax-8222NA 
SLDCSystem Control, Lucknow2287819 / 2287890NA 
E E (Civil) Shakti BhawanSri Narendra Kumar panday228585 / Fax-85859415114083 
 Field Hostel Lucknow Lucknow 2206119NA 
Vigilence & Enforcement  NA 
DG (Vig)Sri Kamal SaxenaFax-8759 / 2287875NAadgvig@uppcl.org
DIG (Enforce)Ms Sadhana Goswami2208525NAspenforce@uppcl.org
SP (Vig)Sri Dinesh Kumar Singh2286107NAspvig@uppcl.org
Law Wing  NA 
Law Officer 2287802NAlawoff@uppcl.org
Dy Law OfficerSri Lal Singh22884072310862dylawoff@uppcl.org
TOLL FREE / Customer Care Mail DiscomsPUVVNL

UPPCL Nodal Officer for IGRSSri A.K. Srivastava2218417NAcmuduppcl@gmail.com

Find more important UPPCL contacts here – https://www.upenergy.in/uppcl/en/page/rti.

UPPCL Online Complaint

UPPCL Online Complaints

You can easily file your online complaints, grievances, and complaints by following this link.


What is the electricity complaint number for UPPCL?

You can easily call UPPCL customer care to address your concerns and get quick resolutions by dialling – 1800-180-0440 or 1912. If not, you can also email their team on – customercare@uppcl.org.

How effective is the UPPCL customer care service?

UPPCL offers unending support to its customers to ensure that you never feel dissatisfied. Their customer care executives will listen to your concerns thoroughly and offer you a resolution quickly.

More Electricity Customer Care Details

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