10 Useful Winter Products You Must Have

Winters are almost here but, are you ready? Are you and your home prepared to deal with dipping temperature? There’s an entire list of necessities that you need for winters and most of us tend to delay these purchases for the last moment. What you really need to do is, buy early and save big on your winter essentials!

Are you ready to save a lot of money on some very useful products? Take a look at our list of the 10 most useful winter essentials you need:

1. Cozy Slippers

Full Price: Rs.400   |  Current Price: Rs.299

No one likes stepping barefoot on the cold winter floor! Give your feet a warm hug with this pair of cozy indoor slippers. Made of soft polyester fleece and skid-resistant soles, your ‘Happy Feet Slippers’ are the first thing you’ll crave for when you get back home after a long day! So, head to Amazon to get yourself a pair of comfy and warm slippers that treat your feet right.

Cozy Slippers

2. Ear Muff

 Full Price:  Rs.599   |  Current Price: Rs.299

Ear Muffs are cute accessories made to protect your ears from chilly winds. They come in super adorable designs that help you stand out. You can gift them to friends & family, but don’t forget to buy this super soft pair for yourself. This useful fashion accessory lets you venture out in the cold winters without worrying about falling sick.

Ear Muff

3. Electric Blanket

Full Price: 2199   |  Current Price: Rs.999

During winters, most of our time is spent sliding in and out of our cozy blankets. But you know the bad part of this, right? It takes less than a minute for your blanket to be cold again.
This Electric Blanket will enable you to seek a cozy refuge in this chilly weather. Imagine how great it will be to jump under a warm blanket, especially one which does not require ‘you’ to warm it. You deserve this kind of comfort, so do yourself a favour and get one of these now!

Electric Blanket

4. Trendy Socks

Full Price:  Rs.999   |  Current Price: Rs.189

Apart from being  super comfortable these socks serve another important purpose – keeping you warm! These striped ankle socks also protect your feet from getting stiff and frostbites – all while looking adorable. Make sure you get these fashionable socks that will go with almost everything you wear. And hurry because this particular pair tends to fly off the shelves!

Trendy Socks

5. Cartoon-printed Cup Warmer

Full Price:  Rs.599   |  Current Price: Rs.299

How can Cup Warmers not be a part of this list! To all you tea and coffee addicts, you have been looking forward to this blessing all your lives. Being lazy yet fed is the boon of this amazing appliance. These adorable cup warmers have an Auto-Shut Off feature, and can be carried home and to work easily. So get one of these and enjoy the taste of your drink to the fullest, wherever you go!

Cartoon Printed Cup Warmer

6. Fingerless Gloves

Full Price:  Rs.1999  |  Current Price: Rs.469

We understand how difficult it is to deal with full gloves and touchscreens at the same time. Yes, it is important to ensure that your phone remains in your hand. These finely knitted fingerless gloves will take care that your hands do not become numb. They are available in black and grey color, but not for long. Grab these cozy gloves that will be the Badaam to your Gajar Ka Halwa.

Fingerless Gloves

7. Compact Geyser

Full Price:  Rs.3685  |  Current Price: Rs.2249

While it is okay to skip bathing for a day or two (Shh!), it might become unbearable a little later, for you know who. So why not invest in something that will make this job easier and cold-free.
This powerful little monster will heat your water up in minutes and will give you the joy of a hot shower minus the usual wait. Get this super valuable monster, today!

Compact Geyser

8. Room Heater

Full Price:  Rs.1125  |  Current Price: Rs.959

Do you find it difficult to sleep when it is cold outside? If yes, then let me tell you. You are not the only one who feels this way! Shivery nights and chilly mornings are a persistent feature all through the winter season, and this is where the room heaters come to your rescue. Purchase this high-powered Room Heater before the huge deals are all gone!

Room Heater

9. Body Warmer

Full Price:  Rs.985  |  Current Price: Rs.591

Nobody really craves for a beach body in winters, but everyone likes to avoid looking fat. While this season requires you to take layering to the next level, you can always resort to clothes which give you warmth without making you look plump. Body warmers are go-for-apparels this season, as they provide the appropriate warmth and comfort to your body. Buy this snuggly Cotton Thermal Set before you lose out on the special purchase prices!

Body Warmer

10. Moisturizing Body Lotion

Full Price:  Rs.349   |  Current Price: Rs.275

The bitter cold months of the winter season can be extremely cruel on your skin. To combat the dryness, smear this oil-based body lotion over your body, before you head out. Moisturizing your skin properly is very essential to prevent it from getting dull, dry, and flaky. Grab this special Winter Edition Body Lotion that will provide immense nourishment to your body!

Moisturizing Body Lotion

It’s time to enjoy the winter warmer with these absolute must-haves. Breeze through this season, and choose to buy these winter essentials to satisfy pretty much all your seasonal needs. So turn off Netflix, visit your favorite retailer, and start your kickass winter shopping, today!

Disclaimer: All discounts and offers are subject to change without any prior notice

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