Vanangamudi Movie: Release Date, Trailer and More

Vanangamudi (August 2018): Release Date, Castand More

Genre Drama | Action
Release Date  August, 2018
Director Selva
Cast Ritika Singh, Arvind Swamy, Nandita Swetha
Producers/ Production Company M. R. Ganesh
Ideal For Action movie enthusiasts

Other Movies by the Director: Amaravathi, Karnaa, Pooveli, James Pandu

Other Movies by the Producer/Production Studio: Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

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What to Expect from Vanangamudi?

Vanangamudi is a Tamil action drama film that revolves around the life of a honest and straightforward police officer who stands for values and truth. The character of this protagonist cop is played by Arvind Swamy. His love interest is played by Ritika Singh.

According to the director, the film will serve as a biography of a man who is a hero in his own right. The plot is about Arvind Swamy who has five varied characterisations.

Audiences can expect a lot of drama and action sequences. The movie can be a treat for Arvind Swami fans who is making a comeback with this movie after a long time.

The film is all set to release in August, till then watch the trailer to know more about the film:

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