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Watching a water-fall break onto large rocks is one of the most magical experiences of a lifetime. With India being such a beautiful country with all-natural phenomenon’s, we got even luckier with waterfalls.

Here are some of the most spectacular waterfalls of the country:

1. Shivanasamdura Falls, Karnataka

Gushing down rocky cliffs of Karnataka, these falls divide into two branches – eastern and western. They are cloaked with lush forests of Caurvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Shivanasamudra falls are also the second-largest in the country and surely one of the most beautiful sights there is!

How to reach:

Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Nearest Railhead: Maddur
Road: Buses ply regularly from Mysore
Best time to visit: From June to October when the monsoon prevails.

2. Elephant Falls, Shillong

Shillong – known as the ‘Scotland of the East’ is one of the prettiest towns in Meghalaya. Elephant falls are located in the outskirts of Shillong and are divided into three sections that flow in a sequence. Always filled with tourists, this site is just a few minutes’ drive away from Shillong Peak.

How to reach:

Road:12 kms from Shillong
Best time to visit: Between November to February.

3. Jog Falls, Karnataka

These falls are the second highest plunge and the tallest un-tiered waterfall in India. Enveloped with thick greenery all around, this is a photographer’s paradise. It is a perfect place for trekking and swimming in the base.

How to reach:

Rail:Nearest train station is Shimoga
Best time to visit: Monsoon, i.e. June to September.

4. Bhimlat Falls, Rajasthan

In the hot, sandy desert state of Rajasthan, Bhimlat is surely a site not to be missed. At 60 meters high, it is an enigmatic sight in the monsoon season and a relief from the horrid summers.

How to reach:

Road:35 kms from Chittor Road
Air: Nearest Airport is in Kota
Best time to visit: June to October, when monsoon prevails.

5. Bhagsu Waterfalls, Himachal Pradesh

The state with the most touristic hill stations, Bhugsu Falls should definitely be on your list for your next visit to Himachal. Only 2 kms for McLeod Ganj, you are sure to be awe-struck at this national treasure. The view of the 2165m high falls is best enjoyed with a warm cut of tea from the nearest stall!

How to reach:

Airport:Gaggal airport
Rail: Kangra and Nagrota.
Best time to visit: June to September, during summers or monsoons.

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