How to Check Vodafone Net Balance? (3G/4G With Number, Codes)

Looking to check your Vodafone net balance check number?
CashKaro has created a list of useful Vodafone net check numbers or codes. To check net balance in Vodafone you can either use USSD Vodafone net balance check codes or use the Vodafone App. Although, using the Vodafone Net check number is simpler and quicker than doing so with the Vodafone app.

Vodafone Net Balance Check Number

To check your Vodafone Internet balance, all you need is to dial *111*2*1# from your registered Vodafone number and follow the next steps. You can also send an SMS “Data Bal” to 144, Vodafone will send you an immediate reply with the current balance. Below are some Vodafone internet balance check codes, numbers to check your Internet balance quickly.

Vodafone Net Balance Check Number for 2G/3G/4G*111*2*1#
Vodafone Internet Balance Check Numbers (From Vodafone Number)199 (Toll Free)
Vodafone Data Balance Checking Number (From Other Number)9719097190 (Chargeable)

The above shortcode will let you check all kinds of internet balance – Vodafone 2G data balance, Vodafone 3G data balance and Vodafone 4G data balance. You can also call the customer care number or can speak on the toll-free number. These Vodafone net balance no. can easily tell you how much data you have left in Vodafone. To know more about Vodafone Data check, read below:

See how to do a Vodafone net pack balance check:

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How To Check Vodafone Net Balance?

To do a net balance check Vodafone, you can either dial the Vodafone net balance number – *111*2*1# or you can use the Vodafone App to see your current Vodafone internet balance or usage. Read how to  check Vodafone data balance using each step below:

Method 1: Check Vodafone Net Balance with Balance Check Codes [USSD Codes]

To check Vodafone internet balance, dial *111*2*1# and a pop up will appear on the screen displaying your Data balance. Using the Vodafone net balance check no. is simple and easy.

Method 2:Check Net Balance in Vodafone With The Vodafone App

You can use the Vodafone app to check Vodafone net pack balance. See how to check Vodafone data balance below:

  • Step 1: Download the Vodafone app from Google Play Store or iTunes
  • Step 2: Open the app and log in to your account
  • Step 3: In the home screen of the app you can see the usage alert where it will display your all balances.
Vodafone mobile app


How to Check Vodafone Balance (Main)?

Dial *141# to check Vodafone main balance (talktime).

How Can I Check my Vodafone Internet Balance with SMS?

Send an SMS saying DATA BAL to 144. This should help you check your Vodafone net balance easily.

How To Check 2G/3G/4G Vodafone Net Balance?

Now, user can check any type of net balance like 3G or 4G. To check your Vodafone unlimited balance, simply dial the Vodafone balance check number *111*2*1#.

What is the number to check data usage in Vodafone?

The number to check data usage in Voafone is *111*2*1#. This is the Vodafone internet balance check number itself.

How Do I Check My Remaining Data on Vodafone?

To find how much data you have left in Vodafone, go the Vodafone app and find the remaining Vodafone data on the screen. You can also click on the menu button and then click on My Usage to see your Voda data balance & usage.

How Can I Check Vodafone 4G Net Balance?

To check my Vodafone 4G internet balance, I simply go to the Vodafone app or dial *111*2*1#. This gives me my 4G Vodafone data balance.

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