Vodafone Prepaid to Postpaid – How to Convert my Vodafone Prepaid Number?

Vodafone Prepaid to Post-paid - How to Convert my Vodafone Prepaid Number

Launched in India as a subsidiary of Vodafone Group PLC – a UK-based Multinational (headquartered in London), Vodafone India has nearly 223 million subscribers within the country. A successor company to Hutchinson Telecom (Hutch), Vodafone India began its operations in the country in September 2007. If you’re planning to convert your Vodafone Prepaid number to Postpaid one, check out the details below.

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1Can I change my Vodafone Prepaid Number to Postpaid?

Free of any conversion charges, Vodafone allows you the ease of changing your Vodafone Prepaid Number to Postpaid through a simple offline process.

The conversion of your existing Vodafone Prepaid number to Vodafone Postpaid number is a number migration facility where the Vodafone number allocated to you under your existing Vodafone Postpaid subscription remains the same while migrating to Vodafone Prepaid. To convert your Vodafone Prepaid Number to PostPaid, follow the below mentioned steps:

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