Pizza is a comfort food for a lot of people. The hearty base and toppings are ‘home’ to a lot of people. But, there’s also vast potential to pizza in terms of sauce and toppings. If you’re a person who likes to explore and experience new foods, then you’d definitely be game to try out at least some of these weird pizza toppings. But if not, there’s always Dominos to rely on to fulfil your cravings.

Crocodile Meat

Yes, you read that right. People ‘Down Under’ like to throw on crocodile meat on their normal Margherita pizza. People swear it tastes just like chicken. Would you try it? If you’re gonna back out of this one, get some ‘normal people’ pizza using Dominos Coupons instead.

Green Peas

Green Pea is a touchy vegetable for a lot of people. There are people who love it and then there are people who hate it with a passion. But would you try it if it’s on Pizza? That’s how people in Brazil do it and it’s actually quite popular there. Want a slice?


Another weird Pizza topping brought to you by Australia. Kangaroo steak is a delicacy in Australia but it appears that they put it on their pizza as well. It is apparently similar in taste to lamb or steak, so try it if you dare. If not, just use Dominos promo codes and get your regular.


Beets as a vegetable itself is a tricky subject for a lot. Some people can’t handle the taste of it. But do you think it being on a pizza would improve the taste? People do seem to swear by it though. Try putting roasted beef on top of your next pie.


Costa Ricans seem to really like putting coconut on their Pizza. And get this, it’s paired along with strawberries and mint! Must be refreshing though. But if you’re hesitant, just try the chocolate pizza using Dominos coupon codes.

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