Weird Asthma Cures You Didn’t Know About!

Today, 10 % of kids and 8% of the world’s adults suffer from Asthma. This 7th May on World Asthma Day, let’s take a fresh look at this chronic disease and the weird ways in which it is being treated across the globe. The condition is triggered by various environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors with no permanent cure in traditional medicine. While it is possible to manage Asthma through regular medication there are some unconventional treatments that many believe can permanently treat it. Let’s look!

1. The Hookworm Method

Some research states that infesting a body with hookworms can cure asthma. In fact, as per Severine Navarro, an immunologist from James Cook University, Australia, hookworms can fight asthma more effectively if consumed in soup form. Similarly, according to scientific research conducted by the University of Nottingham, hookworms in the human body can overpower the body’s immune response to allergies such as that of dust mites.

2. Swallowing Live Fish

Administered in Hyderabad (India) every June by the Bathini Goud clan, Asthma sufferers are made to gulp a small fish stuffed with yellow herbal paste. After administration, the patient must follow a strict 45-Day diet. The Bathini family believes that the fish clears the throat while curing the respiratory problems. The bizarre “fish medicine” is so popular that the Indian Government arranges special trains for the thousands who congregate to try this treatment.

3. Eating Bitter Foods

Most people will smirk at the thought of consuming anything bitter. But the belief that eating bitter foods can help cure Asthma, has led many to give this therapy a shot.  The logic behind this therapy is that the smooth muscles of our lungs react to bitterness the same way our tongue would react. The lung receptors supposedly expand the airways, thereby helping in curing asthma.

4. The Salt Cave Cure

A London-based chain of clinics called ‘The Salt Cave’ claims that people can find relief from asthma by breathing salt particles in their Salt Cave Therapy Rooms. A brainchild of Denes Gal, these Salt Caves are built upon ‘Breeze Tronic Pro’, a technology that can replicate an actual salt cave. As per the claims, salt acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Moreover, it loosens excessive mucus and removes air-borne pollen while reducing the immune system oversensitivity. The properties of salt help remove gunge from the lungs and make airways more flexible. This Therapy is also believed to relieve wheezing and coughing.

5. Pet a Chihuahua

According to Mexican folklore, keeping a canine at home can help to cure asthma. As per the belief, when a dog wheezes, it absorbs asthma and takes it away from the sufferer. Similarly, some people believe that having a Chihuahua sit on the asthma patients’ chest can treat this respiratory disorder. Others believe that sleeping in the same bed as a dog can cure asthma. So, if you have asthma, then get a Chihuahua today!

World Asthma Day

6. Using Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis might be the last thing on an Asthma patient’s mind. But, believe it or not, Cannabis has proven anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, Cannabis also restrains muscle spasticity and reduces asthma-related chest pain as well. The use of Cannabis is now becoming more prevalent in the mainstream market with its availability in the form of oils, tinctures, concentrates and more.

7. Cow Urine Therapy

Taking medicines mixed with cow urine is a practised therapy in Ayurveda and other ancient lines of treatment. An Indore-based health centre namely, Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy Health Clinic, has cow urine as the cranium of all its therapies. This centre has formulated many innovative pharmaceutical compositions that comprise of cow urine and pharmaceutically-acceptable additives. Cow urine is believed to have anti-asthmatic and anti-spasmodic properties. In fact, cow urine has even received a US-patent.

8. Moxibustion

Have you ever heard of cones or cylinders being used to burn mugwort on the skin? Yes, ancient Chinese medicine used dried mugwort herb on certain body parts. The idea was to apply heat to warm and invigorate the passage of Qi in the body and remove pathogens. This therapy is believed to show enhanced lung function and symptoms of relief in chronic asthma. In fact, some scientific research has already been done in this regard. But comprehensive research is yet to be done to substantiate the efficacy of Moxibustion.

9. Drink Coffee

Ever wondered about coffee helping to alleviate asthma? Though the relationship between caffeine and Asthma might be unheard of, coffee serves as an immediate placatory for asthma attacks and its symptoms. It is believed that caffeine acts as a bronchodilator and expands the lung airways, thus making breathing easier. Caffeine’s bronchodilator effects can last up to four hours. So, brew up a nice cup of coffee the next time you feel wheezy!

10. Garlic

We all know about the pungent garlic breath that everyone wants to keep at bay. But people who suffer from Asthma would not mind its stinky breath if it can relieve them of asthma. It is believed that Vitamin C in garlic nullifies the molecules that cause airway blockages. Simply crush 3 garlic cloves and heat it in 2 cups of hot water. Boil until about 1 cup is left. Let the concoction sit for 5 minutes. Enjoy this warm drink and say ‘bye’ to your respiratory worries.

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