Weird Ingredients to Bake with from Amazon Pantry

Baking is a subtle art that requires a lot of precision and thought. It’s not like cooking, where you can throw in a pinch of that and a bit of this. Also, while you’re baking, there’s no end to the list of weird ingredients. Some things will really make you question whether the recipe is lying to you.

Here are some of the weirdest things people add to their cakes and bakes that you can find on Amazon Pantry.


Yes ladies and gents, you read that right. Jalapenos are the perfect accompaniment to fruits and berries. That’s why it is commonly included in treats like blueberry muffins. Get your own jar of it and try cooking with it with Amazon Pantry offers.


This might make a bit more sense. Mayonnaise is essentially egg whites and oil emulsified. When added to cake batter, the oil makes the resulting cake be soft while the egg helps keep it moist. Don’t worry, it will not alter the taste one bit. Buy a jar with Amazon Pantry Promo Codes the next time you’re making a cake.

Silken Tofu

We may have all tried a Tofu stir fry, but in deserts? Silken Tofu is actually an excellent egg replacer, so if you’re vegan, this is a good option for you. It also adds an extremely creamy texture to foods like mousse and puddings. Buy your stick with Amazon Pantry coupons and get cashback on your order.

Sweet Potato

I mean, they are naturally sweet, right? Sweet Potatoes go really well in baked goods like cookies and brownies. It is naturally starchy, meaning it works well in any desert that is dense. It also makes your sweets moister and adds in a few vitamins. Bake with sweet potatoes now! Buy them using CashKaro’s Amazon Pantry promo codes and save big!

Balsamic Vinegar

In salads, yes. But in your cake? Owing to the naturally sweet taste and the acidic nature of it, bakers are constantly adding Balsamic Vinegar to enhance the taste of chocolate. They just don’t tell you. But be careful, a little bit goes a long way! Buy your bottle with Amazon Pantry coupons.

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