5 Weird Things to Buy From Flipkart

5 Weird Things to Buy From Flipkart

“Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori”

That’s what Flipkart told you at the beginning of 2019 and it did provide everything from the items of daily need to the items of luxury. You name it, they have it!

But, they have definitely gone one step ahead this time and listed the most bizarre things for you to buy and fulfill any unfulfilled wish. So, here are the five weird things that you should buy from Flipkart and see on your own

Zombie Survival Kit

Kids buy Stationary Kits.

Adults buy First Aid Kits.

Legends buy Zombie Survival Kits!

With Hollywood constantly reminding us of the unfortunate Zombie Apocalypse, you need to prepare yourself for any impending attack.

Folks, stay safe from the Zombies and protect your loved ones by buying Zombie Survival Kit. You can now buy these at discounted prices using Flipkart sale today offer from CashKaro and be a Legend!

Cow Dung

The very Cow Dung that you save yourselves from on the street, can now be bought using Flipkart coupons.

Oh, don’t you worry, this is 100% pure cow dung for your use and Flipkart offers discounts so that you don’t end up missing on this never-seen-before item!

Apple and Banana Case

Let’s stop shaming the fruits and give them something to wear!

Don’t be so mean, guys!

Protect your fruits from unwanted heat, dust or cold by buying Apple and Banana case. For the choosy nature of these fruits, Flipkart offers various colours and sizes so that your fruits can feel welcomed at your home. 

Fake Cakes

Cakes took the saying, “Fake it till you make it” way too seriously.

Somebody tell these poor cakes that they will never make it and be where they are! Still, to help these fake cakes fulfill their purpose of being a beauty on your centre table, avail the Flipkart sale today offer and bring them home!

Poop Juice Mug



Flipkart has listed ceramic mug that has poop emoji with ‘Poop Juice’ written on it. Gift it to your friends by using Flipkart coupons and capture their priceless expression on their face as they drink from a Poop Juice Mug!

Just when you thought you have seen all the weird things that this world has to offer, something new pops up!

You can experience these bizarre things by using Flipkart discount coupon at Flipkart upcoming sale from CashKaro to avail discounts as you attain the next level of weird!

Be a Legend!

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