A R Rahman, born on 6th Jan, 1966 in a musically inclined Tamil Family, had started playing impromptu keyboard tunes at the age of 4. After his father passed away when he was about 9, Rahman stepped into the music industry as a keyboard player under South India’s phenomenal sensation, Ilaiyaraaja. From thereon, Rahman has reached the career heights one could only dream of! Apart from the divine and soulful tunes that speak of his impeccable talent, the Grammy award winner has based his journey on lessons one could seldom find in a musician but densely from MBA books! As his devoted listeners and fans, let’s take a leap into the management lessons he has excelled without being an out n’ loud management guru!

Mastering the art of communication


Let your passion not let you sleep


Love your work


When you’re working hard on your job, you’re serving back to the world, so do it with happiness and honesty.

Team work


On motivating your team members


Be open to change


slide8Newer methods, newer people may help us take our work easier, but our basics and those people who’ve guided us on our initial steps can help us sail through even when the wind is low under our wings!

On the power of practice


Being a good listener

pracytiseCapitalizing on First Opportunities

We gratefully salute you for these priceless lessons on career and management, and a thousand times more for your timeless tunes! 

As you turn the golden leaf of 50 today, we at CashKaro wish the Mozart of Madras, a Hap Hap Happy Birthday!

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