Power banks are becoming a norm these days given the extensive usage of mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices. The battery life of such devices is quickly exhausted and people need a portable recharging option. This is where portable power banks come into picture. Portable power banks contain a specialized battery with a unique circuit which controls the power flow. Electrical energy is stored in this ‘power bank’ which can be later used to charge mobile devices.

Below are some best portable power banks that you can explore


 Syska LED is a leading lighting solutions and accessories company in India. Among its vast range of appliances, power banks feature as one of its products in the accessories category. The company offers sleek, multi-coloured and innovative power banks in varied Mah capacities. The battery types offered are Li-Ion and Li-Polymer.

Shop online for Syska powerbanks and avail good deals on its products


PNY is a reputed U.S brand in the electronics space. The company’s power banks have increasingly become popular in the Indian market. PNY power banks come in battery capacities starting from 1500 Mah and go above 12000 Mah .

You can buy PNY portable powerbanks and get best deals on its other electronic items.


Intex technologies Ltd is a consumer durables company majorly into mobile handsets and IT accessories. Portable power banks are one of its products. Intex offers Power banks are at a starting price of Rs 599 with a capacity of 2000mAh. Intex power banks are durable, have more charge retention and good performance.


Ambrane is India’s leading power bank manufacturer. Ambrane power banks   start from a capacity of 2200 mAH and stretch upto a capacity of 26800 Mah . The power banks are organised under Li-ion series, Plush series, Knock-out series and Speedy series.

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