In the last year of the graduation, the dilemma eventually creeps out of the box and starts pricking into the heads of the students. The voice echoes a million times asking you, what to do after completing the graduation?

Many seek advice from counsellors, few follow the footsteps of their elder siblings and others just don’t know what to do. They simply wait and go with the flow of time by either staying at home or investing time in an organisation chosen hastily. But the question remains intact. What to do once you finish with your graduation?

Here is a list that will give you an insight of which way to move forward after your graduation.

Marketing and Sales

The market is booming with new companies every day. You see start-ups going live and high every other day. Newspapers flooded with news of start-ups getting funded. To market a brand properly, companies require marketing and sales people. Simply make a move. It would start as a Marketing or Sales Executive but once you learn to play with words and targets you get along with it. There is a lot of scope with sales and marketing profile.

Sales and Marketing

Journalism and Mass Communication

Media is very vigorously working as we all are familiar of. There are diverse roles and duties that keep revolving in and out in an electronic or print media. It is gaining all the attention of the youth. There are positions that could possibly interest you like an editor, news writer, reporter, anchor, media associate, and more. You could also get a decent remuneration in media houses.

Journalism and Mass Communication
HM- Hotel Management

Hospitality is the new fever nowadays. Many people are switching to the hospitality industry for the sake and their love for gratitude towards others. Also, the pay scale is very worthwhile and growth is quick and steady. Further professional courses could be done to excel in the field. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to hospitality like hotel management, restaurants & clubs, catering, shipping, and a lot more.

Hotel Management


As they say, there is no better guide than a teacher. True! Teaching is one of the most prestigious profession. It is all about giving others what you have earned in the days of your life by the means of teaching and guiding. If you are planning to be a lecturer in a college or any university, post-graduation would be required. Be the light of the candle.


Travel and Tourism

This profession is dedicated to the love of travel. Those who spend their days dreaming about travelling around the world, buckle up. With the kind of work you may receive, chances of travelling around the world increases. One can opt from many available opportunities from travel companies, airlines & railways, hotels, and tour agencies. Don’t worry about the salary you are offered because your zeal will always be high.

Travel and Tourism

Government Jobs

There are certain exams in which students can appear after their graduation to join government services. For joining these jobs, one must appear and clear the exams. There are different categories of government exams such as Banks, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railways, Civil Services, Defence & Police, and others. Exams for the respective majors are held on certain dates during a year for which one can keep an eye on their websites.

Government Jobs


Always dreamt about becoming an actor/actress or a model? You can take your love for it as a profession (if parents allow) or just listen to your heart anyway. The adage, distance drums sound well, adds more it. It says what might appear as iridescent and surreal does not necessarily have an easy path. It requires a lot of struggle, patience, dedication and constant check on your body weight, skin tone, the right kind of attitude, style, and a lot more. If the hard work pays off, everyone knows the result of it.

Acting/ Modelling


If all doors seem to be getting shut and the journey ahead is murky, you know what to do. Start from the scratch. Generate an idea and be an entrepreneur. It is never too late to be an entrepreneur. If you get lucky, chances are you might get featured in Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurs.


Having given the many options to choose from after the graduation, there are some more like Banking & Finance, Law, Content Writing, Social Work, Photography, Designer, and a few more. We hope now you know what to do after the results are out.

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