Ginger, if consumed judiciously,is considered as an effective remedy for curing various ailments. All the more, you must have heard that too much of anything is bad. Subsequently, excessive ginger consumption leads to undesirable effects on your health, which simply cannot be brushed away.

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Side Effects of Ginger Tea

1. May Lead To Diarrhea

Ginger can cause Diarrhea if you consume it in large quantity. This happens because its excessive consumption quickens the passage of food through your intestines. A possible solution to this problem could be taking ginger along with meals, and that too in a moderate amount.

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2. Causes Excess Menstrual Bleeding

It has been observed that consuming large amount of ginger leads to excessive menstrual bleeding in women. It is believed that ginger has blood thinning or anti-platelet properties which cause this serious problem. Also, ginger when taken along with other herbs like clove, garlic, ginseng etc. can further intensify the risk of excessive bleeding during menstruation. So, the use of ginger is discouraged at that point of time, in particular.

3. Causes Heartburn

If you consume more than 4 grams of ginger per day, which is a relatively large amount, it can lead to heartburn. It can even upset your digestive system by initiating gastric stimulation due to secretion of bile.This happens when you consume it on an empty stomach.

4. Interacts With Medicines

Ginger tea is believed to interact with certain drugs, so, in that case, people who are on any kind of medication should consult their doctors before consuming it. You should avoid mixing ginger tea with blood-thinning medicines like aspirin etc. Further, it should not be consumed along with herbs that stimulate blood flow like clove, garlic etc. as that would increase your risk of bleeding.

5. Not Suitable For People With Gallstones

Ginger stimulates the production of bile in your body, which is extremely painful for people suffering from stones in their gall bladder. Thus, people with gallstones should consult their doctor before consuming ginger tea or ginger in any other form.

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7 Important Questions About Ginger Tea Answered

1. Is it healthy to drink ginger tea every day?

Yes, consuming ginger tea every day is healthy for both the body and the mind. Having a cup of refreshing ginger tea in the morning is said to help increase your digestive powers, ease muscle pain after workout or exercise and keep your mind refreshed.

2. Is ginger tea effective in reducing belly fat?

Effective in keeping stomach problems at bay, ginger tea if consumed daily does help in reducing belly fat. A thermogenic natural digestive, ginger when consumed in any form can increase your body temperature, thus leading to burning of all that extra flab.

3. Are there any side effects of ginger tea?

Ginger tea, if consumed in a limited quantity does not have any side effect on the body. But if consumed in excess, may lead to discomfort in stomach along with the side effects mentioned above.

4. Is Ginger good for kidneys?

Yes, ginger is quite good for the kidneys as it is loaded with antioxidants that are responsible for optimal functioning of kidneys and overall body health. Consume it in raw form or as ginger tea.

5. Can I drink ginger tea on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can definitely drink ginger tea on an empty stomach. Drinking ginger tea the first thing in the morning is known to keep stomach problems at bay.

6. Can ginger be harmful?

Consuming ginger in low quantities is possibly safe. If consumed in larger amounts can cause heartburn, diarrhea and general discomfort in the stomach. The best way to consume ginger is by making ginger tea.

7. Is drinking ginger water good for you?

Yes, consuming ginger in any form is good for health. Not just ginger water, but ginger tea, ginger paste in food and raw ginger with honey can give you similar benefits.

Buying Ginger Tea

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