Outlook is India’s most vibrant magazine about Indian politics, business and international relations since past 22 years. This weekly magazine was founded by Vinod Mehta who served the audience with investigative reportage and ground-breaking public interest news.

  • Outlook’s award-winning journalism has bagged the magazine the International Press Institute award for Excellence in 2007 and World Media Summit Award in 2014.
  • Although published from New Delhi it is printed at multiple locations with editorial bureaux and contributors across India and around the globe.
  • This esteemed magazine’s current editor in chief is Rajesh Ramachandran. The magazine is owned by Raheja Group.
  • It has a circulation of about 425,000 and is published in English and Hindi.
  • The Outlook family now comprises of a Hindi edition, (Outlook Traveller), a business magazine (Outlook Business), and a personal finance magazine (Outlook Money).

Outlook’s critically and globally acclaimed print and digital editions are feast for the eyes and treat for the mind. Enrich yourself with its bold news on politics, lifestyle, international affairs, sports and many more genres.

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