Zoomcar provides its self driving service in major cities in order to extend the convenience of mobility across the nation. But like in the case of all vehicles, there is no guarantee that untoward incidents will not take place during the trip. Here is what you’ll have to do according to the Zoomcar policies if you crash Zoomcar.

  • If you’ve met with any accident during your trip the emergency helpline is 080-67481200.
  • For support during your trip you can also contact zoomcar team via support@zoomcar.com
  • The driver will have to follow the instruction manual that is provided in the glove compartment of the vehicle and in case of emergencies is expected to reach out immediately.
  • If you are involved in any incident involving property damage then a police report will have to be filled out mandatorily.
  • It will also mandate filling the Zoomcar’s incident report form and provide a joint contract.
  • The information pertaining to the incident will have to be mentioned in detail.
  • In the event of investigation, the user must provide details of the journey with actual facts devoid of any discrepancies.
  • The user will have to take up the responsibility for repair costs due to the incident.
  • These incidents can be minimized when the safety rules are abided by the users of the Zoomcar.
  • The safety measures taken by zoomcar include setting up of a speed governor, mandatory seatbelts and child restraint.
  • The maximum speed that you can drive at is set to 125km/hr in Zoomcar. If the limit is crossed an over speeding fine will be charged.
  • In case of damage to the vehicle, the user will have to pay repair costs upto Rs 10,000. But in case of violations of the Zoomcar T&C the maximum cap will not be applicable.

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