Self-monitoring your blood glucose has never been easier. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer lets you turn your smartphone into a handy blood glucose management tool. It works seamlessly with Android devices and iPhones.

What is BeatO Smartphone Glucometer?

BeatO’s smartphone-based glucometer is the first-of-its-kind blood sugar monitoring device. It plugs easily into your smartphone and instantly connects you with an expert. Users benefit from expert sugar level management on the go.

Benefits Of BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

Turns Your Smartphone into a Glucometer

Monitor your blood sugar levels and keep track of any fluctuations even when you are on the go with BeatO’s smartphone based compact glucometer. It even fits into your pocket!

Accurate Sugar Level Readings Right on Your Smartphone

The easy to use and comfortable to carry portable glucometer follows standard protocols and is CE certified to give you completely accurate results anytime and anywhere.

Share Readings with Experts

It lets you create a network through its easy share feature such that your family, doctor and personal medical expert gets an alert when your reading is not in the safe zone.

User Friendly

Being user-friendly, BeatO’s glucometer will enhance the conformity of self-monitoring among users, thus minimizing neglecting trends.


  • Small & Easy to use
  • Gives accurate results
  • Long battery life (5 years/4000 tests)
  • Tiny blood sample required (0.6uL)
  • Bigger Screen as compared to rest

How To Use: 

  • Simply plug in the Glucometer into the headphone jack of the smartphone and start monitoring.
  • The readings will be automatically saved on the phone and also will be sent to the Certified Diabetes Experts. They will then monitor the readings and guide the user on diet, physical activity, medication adherence and lifestyle management.

Where to Buy:

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Converting your Smartphone into a Glucometer Measuring blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere is now possible with BeatO’s compact smartphone-based glucometer.

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