What Is Dry Shampoo? Benefits & How to Use

When you have an urgent meeting or an impromptu party to attend, dry shampoo can help you look fabulous in no time. Dry shampoo is a product that can make days old hair look fresh and clean with just a few sprays. No matter how greasy your hair gets, this product can absorb the grease and leave your hair looking squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

How Does Dry Shampoo Work?

Traditionally, people used to sprinkle corn starch or baking soda into their hair in order to soak up excess oil. This made hair look clean and fresh without having to shampoo them. Dry shampoo just takes this concept a notch higher by putting a similar concoction into a can with fragrance.

Most dry shampoos contain silica, a fine powder that soaks up oil and moisture from any surface that it comes in contact with. They also contain a propellent such as butane, isobutene or alcohol, which helps spread the absorbent material all over the scalp.

When you sprat dry shampoo, whether wet or dry, it absorbs the grease from your hair’s roots and shaft making it look amazing in a matter of seconds.

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Why Is Dry Shampoo Controversial?

Dry shampoo agnostics claim that it leaves a white residue in your hair and makes it look worse that it already is. Others claim that it makes hair sticky and unsightly.

These people are probably using it wrong!

If you use the right dry shampoo the right way, it will 100% work for you and you won’t have any complaints. Here is the correct way to use dry shampoo:

How To Use Dry Shampoo?

Step 1: Lift up a section of your hair close to your ear and spray near the root

Step 2: Continue sectioning and spraying till you reach the hair parting

Step 3: Work the other side starting at the other ear until you reach your parting

Step 4: Massage your roots with clean hands

Step 5: Brush with a soft bristle brush till you see no white powder

And you’re done! If you follow these steps to the tee, you will have no problem whatsoever. Just keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to avoid any issues.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Using Dry Shampoo


  • Spray right into the roots where you feel your scalp is oily
  • Keep the can 6 inches away from your scalp
  • Brush gently from roots to tips once you have sprayed it
  • Use coconut or any other hair oil on your tips of they look dry


  • Do not use more than 2 times in a row.
  • Do not spray on ends
  • Do not touch your hair as oils from your fingers and mar the results

Word of Caution

Do not rely completely on dry shampoo. Once you’ve used it on dirty here twice, make sure you actually wash your hair. If you don’t wash it out at some point, the alcohol, starch or clay simply sit in your hair, doing more harm than good. This can lead to irritation, itchiness, dandruff and other hair problems.

Popular Dry Shampoo Brands

  • Batiste
  • Wella Professionals

Best Stores To Buy Dry Shampoo

But, for a quick fix once in a while, dry shampoo can become your best friend. Just make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above, and the crown of your look as amazing as just washed!

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