How to play horse poker

The word Horse is an acronym for the various games a player plays in order to declare that he has successfully participated or won a horse poker game. The games are Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Razz ( Seven Card Stud Low), Razz (Seven Card Stud High), Eight or better( Stud Hi-low). All games are played consecutively and the rules of each individual game apply.

Read on to know all relevant details of horse poker.

Games Played in Horse Poker

Texas Hold’em

Two-hole cards are dealt face down to each player and then 5 straight cards are dealt up in three stages.

Omaha Hi

Four-hole cards are dealt with each player from which the player must use two and then 5 straight cards are dealt in three stages.


Razz is the form of stud poker in which 7 cards are dealt and the player with the lowest 5 card hand wins.

Stud Poker

Stud Poker is a game in which 7 cards are dealt with few of them faced up and few faced down with the players.

Eight or better

In eight or better stud poker players are given seven cards from which the player with the highest and the lowest hand split the winnings.

Strategies To Win Horse Poker

  • Make yourself familiar with the rules as these will be crucial in giving you an advantage over others. Don’t get arrogant if you know how to play one or two games well and read up on the rules and regulations along with the icebreakers which can come into play in certain situations.


  • Play aggressively and put pressure on your opponents to make tough decisions ad bluff continuously in the games you know like the back of your hand.


  • Pay attention to the face-up cards as they help you in narrowing down what your opponent cards are aided you in the assessment of your chances of winning.


  • Bet big in the variant you are well versed in and tread along lightly in other variants as at the end of the day the score of all the games will count.

Where To Play Horse Poker Online?

If you think you are well versed with all five games played in horse poker, then do give it a try on the following websites:

You can also try your hand at some rummy at these websites which allow you to play free rummy games. While you are at it, you can also check out our guide to Badugi, to be a pro in all poker variants!

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