Nintendo  Co. Ltd.,is  a Japanese Kyoto based consumer electronics company that was founded in 1889. The company is majorly into video gaming and the Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo. Its main features are:

  • You can play it anywhere
  • It can be connected to your TV
  • The screen can be shared for multiplayer games
  • Joy-Con ensures complete flexibility

It provides gamers the best gaming experience by bringing them to life.

  • The IR Motion Camera in Joy-Con can detect shape, movement, and distance
  • HD rumble makes the games highly immersive

You can choose from a variety of colours.

Nintendo Switch also gives parents the power to control and manage the access to games based on ESRB Rating.

Other information about Nintendo Switch:

  • Offers exciting games for every age group.
  • You can connect up to 8 controllers with one Nintendo Switch system. In this way, everyone can play.
  • Additional Joy-Con can be purchased separately


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