What Is Whey Protein: The Basics & More

Rising Popularity Of Whey

Whey protein is extremely popular among gym goers and athletes. So much so that the global market for sports nutrition and supplements is set to grow to USD 45 billion by the end of 2019. This rise in demand is not solely due to gym enthusiasts; a lot of athletes, vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts have adopted whey.

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What Is Whey Protein?

Simply put, whey is just one of many types of protein and has all the essential amino acids and BCAA’s. It is a derivative of Milk which in itself is a rich source of protein. The protein in milk is of two kinds: Whey and Casein. In this composition, whey makes up 20% while casein composes 80%.

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Cheese And Yoghurt

Before whey’s fame as a supplement, it was widely considered as a wasted byproduct of cheese and yoghurt production. The process by which cow’s milk is eventually converted to cheese and yoghurt leaves whey as a byproduct.

Today, this byproduct is actively sought after. The byproduct goes under further production stages before it reaches your home in the form of a delicious powder that has countless benefits.

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Why We Love Whey

Now that we know what whey is, let’s understand what makes it great. Questions about the meaning of whey and whether it is vegetarian or not are quite common. So here’s what makes whey so great:

  • It is the ultimate source of protein; nothing else has similar level of nutrition value
  • It consist all essential amino acids and BCAA’s
  • Whey protein digests faster than any other food or supplement
  • It is easy to consume and comes in a variety of flavors
  • It is extracted from cow’s milk and is purely vegetarian
  • It has numerous health benefits
  • Whey helps muscle growth as well as fat loss

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How Is Whey Made?

  • Whey is a byproduct of cheese production
  • Cows are fed, bred and milked to obtain high quality milk
  • This milk is then pasteurized to kill any harmful bacteria
  • Milk is cooled and transported to a cheese manufacturing facility
  • The milk is boiled and cooled again to kill any remaining bacteria
  • Milk now has 20% whey and 80% casein
  • The milk is subjected to enzymes which separate the milk into solid and liquid parts
  • The liquid part has whey, carbs and fats
  • Carbs, water, minerals and fats are removed from what remains
    (720 pounds of milk makes a 5lb bag of whey)
  • Whey Protein Concentrate is processed to get Whey Protein Liquid
  • The whey protein liquid is dried, flavored, packed and shipped as a powder

To sum up, whey is an all-natural dietary supplement that is extracted from cow’s milk. It is available in powdered form in the market and comes in various flavors. It is the ultimate source of protein and has countless benefits for everyone!

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Important Questions About Whey Protein Answered

Is whey protein dangerous for health?

No, Whey Protein is not dangerous for health but it provides essential nutrients to your body that benefits your health in many ways.

Can Whey Protein make you fat?

Yes, Whey Protein can make you fat if you do not exercise enough or over consume it.

When should we take Whey Protein?

You can take Whey Protein early in the morning after or before your workout for best results.

Does Whey Protein have side effects?

Whey Protein does not have any side effects but it can cause weight gain if you do not exercise well while consuming it.

Is Whey Protein cancerous?

Whey Protein is not at all cancerous.

Is Whey Protein good for losing weight?

Whey Protein helps you lose weight only when you consume it while working out.

What type of Whey protein is best for weight loss?

There are a lot of Whey protein variants that help in reducing weight but the best one is ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.

Is Whey Protein safe for kidneys?

Whey Protein is safe for kidneys. However, if you over consume it, it might cause kidney stones in the long run.

What is best protein powder?

Whey Protein is the best protein powder that has numerous health benefits and provide essential nutrients to your body.

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