What Makes OYO Rooms a Big Hit Among Students

India’s largest budget hotel chain, OYO rooms is one of the most preferred hotel booking destinations for a vast majority of students in the country. The rise in popularity of OYO among students is attributed to the extremely flexible booking policies which accommodate special requests and needs of the young guests.

OYO Rooms

The hotel chain offers many benefits which include early check-ins, couple rooms, ID card flexibility and more. In addition there are OYO Rooms coupons for added discounts and offers on hotel stays.

1. Couple Check-ins

Students love traveling in groups. The excitement of going on a tour with friends is incomparable to any. However, not every time do these trips go as smoothly as it is planned.

Restrictions placed on unmarried couples staying together can make things uncomfortable for students.

Well, not anymore!

OYO Relationship Mode

OYO has got a simple solution for this – Couple Check-ins. Students have to simply install the OYO app on their smartphone, mention their marital status as single and then turn on the ‘Relationship Mode’.

This will make OYO list out all accommodations that are couple-friendly.

Couple Stays OYO

Students can then book any one of these stays and check-in as normal without any fuss!

2. Sunrise Check-in

Although there have been a lot of changes in the hotel accommodation industry, a few strict norms still do exist. One among them is the check-in at 11 am which has become more of a standard in the industry.

Most hotels refuse an earlier check-in, even after multiple requests. This is a real problem for students who travel during the night and look for immediate check-ins at hotels early in the morning.

OYO Sunrise Check-in

To tackle this, OYO has come up with ‘Sunrise Check-in’ which enables check-in at hotels starting from 6 am in the morning.

Look out for the sunrise icon while booking hotels to make use of this feature from OYO. There are absolutely no extra fees for early check-ins.

3. ID Card Flexibility

Another major problem faced during hotel check-ins is the lack of proper ID proof. Students might not be carrying Aadhar card, Voter ID or PAN Card during checking in.

OYO Rooms ID Card

Now worry not!

Local ID proofs are accepted by OYO rooms. This can be any proof relating to the residential stay of the guests in the local town. ID card flexibility allows students to carry on their parties at hotels without having to worry about furnishing solid identification proofs.

4. Instant Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become more of a necessity at stays. Students as they are, are hooked to mobile devices at all times and an instant Wi-Fi connection is always a welcome sign. Save the hassle of asking the hotel reservation for Wi-Fi router name, password and connecting to it manually.

OYO Instant Wi-Fi

OYO instant Wi-Fi works through the OYO app installed on the smartphone. Students can also get details of the Wi-Fi router which can give the best connection in their specific rooms.

5. OYO Captains

OYO has hit a homerun with this new feature that perfectly fits students. OYO captains are kind of personal assistants who can be contacted anytime during one’s stay at OYO hotels. The OYO captain is equipped with knowledge of the local language and everything special about the local town/city.

OYO Captains

At times, even with all the sophistication like Google Translate, it is difficult to get acquainted with a different place and its people. OYO captains are here to address any trouble and make student stays as comfortable as possible.

You can consider these young captains as students too because many of them have just graduated from college.

All these amazing perks of staying in OYO rooms make them the ultimate choice of hotel booking for students in the country. If you are a student too, don’t hesitate to try OYO on your next trip! We bet you’ll love the experience 😉

Geoffrey Ashok
CashKaro Blog