Although the vibes of living life Befikre are not new to us, it is true that we forget to do that because of so many serious things going on in our minds. This is especially true for those times we think we’ve lost something or we had a bad day at work. But, fikr not and live your life Patiala peg size because only the Befikre boys and girls can fly higher in real life leaving the stressed and sulky ones far behind.

Here’s how you can be Befikre everyday 😀

Unwind With Your Buddies  


Atleast once a week! You can sing, be a comedian for a day or go out loud and be the Tanker.

Dress Funky Everyday No Matter What

wewfewfExperimenting hairstyles, nail colours and whatever that makes you look different translates to never having a dull day at work.

Create fake accounts on Tinder and TrulyMadly


Go on Blind Dates 


Sounds clichéd but adds the fun element back into life. Dating is a mood-booster, so why not keep trying!!

Start Experimenting With A New Language 🙂

ilhjkgiiuFlaunting a new lingo starts conversations … remember 😐

Watch Movies 


– all types of movies, all soaps and serials and start enacting the murkiest people you just saw!!

Ask Uncomfortable Questions To Your Peers 😀

200gg… spilling dirty secrets were always FUN 😉

JUST Don’t Stop Being Crazy 😕

Keep Your Mornings Sexy


Go Run or Go Do Him/Her!

Which one’s gonna be your way?? Tell us more …


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