WhatsApp Officially Announces Desktop App for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp for PC

The most popular cross-platform mobile messaging app, WhatsApp has officially come out with a desktop app for Windows and Mac. It works on Windows 8 and above, or Mac OS 10.9 and above. With this latest release, it is now possible to access WhatsApp on your computer without having to open an extra browser tab.

WhatsApp for PCWhatsApp on desktop will mirror the content on your smartphone and hence you would need constant internet connection for live messaging and chatting. Live desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts and advanced features make it easier to use the application.

Here’s what you have to do to setup WhatsApp for desktop:

1. Download app from the official WhatsApp website by clicking here.

2. Open the app and you’ll see a QR scan code

3. Get your smartphone, go to WhatsApp Web in the settings and scan the QR code

4. Your WhatsApp on mobile automatically syncs with the desktop app and you can start using WhatsApp on computer right away

Though this has been a delayed update from WhatsApp, it is better late than never! Especially when competitors like Telegram and Line have been offering the native desktop client for sometime now.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp has promised to come out with more value added features like voicemail, zip file sharing and video calling which are expected to be released soon.


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