When To Take Whey Protein Powder (The Ultimate Guide)

Whey protein is a great dietary supplement, especially for those who cannot meet their protein requirements elsewhere. The uses, benefits and side effects of whey protein are easily available but, when to take whey protein is something many don’t know. This ultimate whey protein guide will tell you when to take whey protein and its benefits.

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When Should You Drink Whey Protein

1. Morning- Drink A Shake Once You’re Awake

Getting out of bed in the morning is an extremely difficult task. There is always that five-minutes of extra sleep, that in our minds is more precious than gold. Even after you get out of bed, it seems almost impossible to energize yourself and get about our day. Here is why that happens…

When you sleep at night, your body turns to amino acid stores to run the metabolic process. This puts your muscles in a catabolic (breakdown) phase. When you wake up your body is essentially breaking down muscle fiber for that extra “umph” of energy.

Since whey protein is a fast digesting protein, it is recommended to drink a shake protein powder shake when you wake up in the morning.  It is quick in delivering amino acids to your body and counteracts muscle breakdown. That is just what your body needs to feel “set” for the day.

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2. Pre-Workout – Drink Up Before You Pull Up

A pre-workout shake is important for your work out regime. If you want those magical gains, you need a protein shake about 30 minutes before you work out.

When you work out, it is important to have a positive nitrogen balance in your body. This is essential for stimulating protein synthesis and increasing muscle mass. Protein is the building block for new muscle growth. This is the best time to drink whey protein for muscle gains. So, take 20-30 grams before you work out and you’ll be full of energy while you exercise.

3. Post-Workout – Gulp Down After You Cool Down

When you are done with your work out, your muscles are tired. Research has shown that at this time they become sponge like. Their ability to absorb protein is the highest at this point. Post-workout is probably the most important time to drink a whey protein shake.

After your work out, your muscles have been stressed and need nutrition to repair. For a quick recovery and effective regrowth, drink a whey protein shake within one hour after your work out. A quick digesting protein can do wonders for the desired muscle growth.

Not sure about which type of whey protein should you drink? Read our post about the types of whey protein. It will help you choose that which is best for you.

4. At Night – Drink Whey Before You Sleep

We all fast overnight when we sleep. To continue the metabolic processes, our body needs energy. Amino acid stores provide this energy. However, often, your muscles go into a catabolic (breakdown) state. This is a wasteful process as it limits your gains.

Many specialists, researchers and health experts recommend drinking a whey protein shake before you go to bed. This aids muscle recovery and avoids muscle breakdown. However, casein is more advisable at this point. It digests more slowly and hence is more beneficial when you sleep.

At this time, it is best to mix your whey protein (or caesin) in milk.
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Knowing when to drink whey protein is important, but not enough. You must also educate yourself about how much whey protein you should drink daily. Your body needs about 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of your weight. It is always best to meet that daily requirement from whole foods. When you can’t, drink whey!

Important Questions About Whey Protein Answered

Do you drink a Protein shake after or before a workout?

It does not matter when you drink Whey Protein whether after or before workout. However, people drink whey protein post workout to repair their muscles.

Can Whey Protein make you gain weight?

Whey Protein can make you gain weight only if you consume it without exercising or have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Is it okay to drink whey protein on an empty stomach?

Yes, it is okay to drink Whey Protein on an empty stomach to give your day a healthy start.

Should I take Protein on rest days?

Whey Protein can be taken on rest days provided you have a healthy diet.

Can I take whey protein immediately after workout?

No, you should not take anything immediately after work out.  Rest your body for 15-20 minutes before drinking Whey Protein.

Is Whey protein milk shake a good pre-workout drink?

Whey protein milk shake is a good pre-workout drink as it provides you with energy for strenuous work out sessions.

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