The juiciest patty nestled in soft, sesame sprinkled buns. Crunchy veggies, gooey cheese and a dash of mayo. The perfect burger can satisfy more than hunger, it can satisfy the soul. If you’re in Delhi and looking for the perfect burger, check this list out.

Here are the best places to find burgers in Delhi.

1. Burger King

  • Location: E-8, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Cost for Two: Rs 500
  • Our Picks: Chicken Whopper, Cheese Chilli Whopper

Whoppers from Burger King are famous around the world. They are no less delicious in Delhi. Burger King offers a wide variety of burgers, cheese fries, shakes and softies. Their chicken fries are to die for.

2. Dunkin Donuts

  • Location: Shop 3, HUDA City Centre Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurgaon
  • Cost for Two: Rs 600
  • Our Picks: Heaven Can Wait burger, Big Joy Burger

Although famous for its donuts and coffee, Dunkin Donuts offers some amazing burgers. Their menu contains chicken burgers, mutton burgers, cheese and veggie burgers, and much more. Combine these with Dunkin Donuts offers, and you’ve got a pretty delicious deal.

3. KFC

  • Location: 38-UA, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: Rs 500
  • Our Picks: Chicken Zinger Burge, Potato Crisper Burger

Delectable fried chicken tastes even better when put in a huge burger. KFC does exactly that! Check out their Zingers that can put other burgers to shame. They also offer veggie burgers for non-meat-eaters. Enjoy with a side of fries and KFC offers to enhance your experience while saving some cash!

4. McDonald’s

  • Location: Shop 1, Plot 45, Satyam Cinema Complex, Nehru Place, New Delhi
  • Cost for Two: Rs 500
  • Our Picks: McChicken Burger, McVeggie Burger

McDonalds has probably been your go-to restaurant at some point or the other. The veteran burger chain offers juicy burgers, crunchy fries, thick shakes and spicy wraps. You cannot skip out on the McChicken burger which is an all-time classic. Their breakfast menu, featuring pancakes and ahs browns is unmissable. Order now using McDonalds coupons

5. Freshmenu

  • Location: Delivery Only
  • Cost for Two: Rs 600
  • Our Picks: Volcano Chicken Burger, Original Chicken Burger

Find the freshest ingredients and the yummiest burgers right here! Freshmenu offers world cuisine including pastas, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and desserts. Their menu changes daily, so you’ll have a huge variety on a daily basis. Freshmenu coupons will ensure you can order in as much as you want without spending too much!

6. Wat-A-Burger

  • Location:
  • Cost for Two:
  • Our Picks: Maharaja Burge, Veggie Crispy Burger

Wat-A-Burger serves up mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind burgers. Their burgers have a layer of nachos resting above the patty! What’s even more delicious? They have cheese fries, chicken nuggets, grilled sandwiches and thick shakes on the menu as well. Salivating, right?

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