Whey protein is a milk extract and a powerful amino acid. It is often dubbed as the ultimate source of protein. It aids in muscle growth as well as fat loss. It also helps you stay energized and reduces hunger pangs. These are some of many reasons why whey protein has become the most popular protein supplement. This Protein Supplement can be taken twice a day post workout to get effective results within 6 weeks of regular consumption.

Know More About The Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey Protein is mostly consumed by people who wish to build muscle mass and gain weight. While many people cannot consume this protein because of lactose intolerance there are many other natural plant-based alternatives to it.

Learn About Other Side Effects Of Whey Protein

List of Top 5 Natural Alternatives To Whey Protein

1. Casein Protein

One of the best substitutes of whey protein, Casein can be called whey’s cousin. Both are extracted from milk and have relatively the same protein content. They also contain all the essential amino acids or BCAAs.

Every scoop of 33-gram or 1.16-ounce of standard casein powder contains 24 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 120 calories.

However, an important difference between the two is their digestion time. While whey gets digested quickly, digestion of casein takes time. This can have several benefits.

The best time to consume casein is either before going to bed or as a meal. It keeps you full for a longer time and hence can help you lose fat by means of reduced hunger.

Casein Protein

Benefits of Casein Protein

  • Great In Avoiding Muscle Breakdown After A Workout
  • Rich In Calcium Which Is Great For Bone Health
  • Great Supplement For Fat Loss
  • Fights Off The Buildup Of Harmful Free Radicals
  • Keeps You Full For A Longer Time

Disadvantages of Casein Protein

  • Takes Time For Digestion
  • Not Good If You Have Casein Sensitivity

Casein Protein Price in India – Rs.2399 (2.2 lb) onwards

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2. Egg White Protein

Egg whites are a rich source of protein. Compared to whey protein, egg white protein has lesser calories and carbs. Although, it is relatively higher in cholesterol.

A single scoop (28 grams) of dried and powdered egg whites contains 22.7 grams of protein, 2.2 grams of carbohydrates, 107 calories and no fat.

The benefits of whey and egg protein are mostly similar. People, however, complain that egg white protein is not as filling. This makes people hungry again soon. To remedy this, egg white protein powder can be used exactly like whole eggs to cook meals.

Egg White Protein

Benefits of Egg White Protein

  • Contains Zero Fat
  • Low in Cholesterol And Fat-Free
  • A Complete Protein with all the amino acids required
  • Low In Calories
  • Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Disadvantages of Egg White Protein

  • Not Satiating

Egg White Protein Price in India: Rs. 699 (200gm) onwards

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3. Brown Rice Protein

Not all of us are comfortable consuming dairy products. For such people, there is brown rice protein. You get 25 gram of protein, 1.8 grams of carbohydrates and 1.3 grams of fat per serving of 32 grams.

It is completely allergen-free and ideal for lactose intolerant people. Those with soy or gluten allergies will also find brown rice protein immensely helpful.

Brown Rice Protein

Benefits of Brown Rice Protein

  • Improves Overall Strength Of The Body
  • Helps In Muscle Growth
  • Great Alternative To Those Who Are Lactose Intolerant
  • Easy To Digest

Disadvantages of Brown Rice Protein

  • Does Not Contain All The Essential Amino Acids
  • Must Be Combined with Another Protein Source To Form A Complete Protein
  • Low In Lysine (Building Block Of Protein)

Brown Rice Protein Price in India – Rs.624 (500gm)

4. Soy Protein

Soy is one of the few plant-based proteins that consists of  essential amino acids. It improves the immune function of the body and promotes bone and cardiovascular health. It is not suitable for people allergic to soy.

Consuming an ounce of Soy Protein (28 grams) provides you with 22.6 gram of protein, 2.1 gram of carbohydrates, 0.9 gram of fatty acids and 94.6 kcal calories.

Soy Protein

Benefits of Soy Protein

  • Rich In Glutamine And Arginine
  • Good Source Of Essential Fatty Acids, Fibers And Vitamins
  • Low On Fat And Cholesterol
  • Has All The Essential Amino Acids

Disadvantages of Soy Protein

  • Hard To Break Down In The Intestinal Tract
  • Harder To Digest

Soy Protein Price in India – Rs.1014 (1000gm) onwards

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5. Pea Protein

Pea protein is made from yellow split peas. It is popular among vegetarians and vegans as a source of protein. Rich in most of the essential amino acids and hence, is considered complete. However, it may not have certain amino acids important for our body. For this reason, experts suggest not to use it as a primary source of dietary protein. You can simply club it with Brown Rice Protein to avail the benefits like that of Whey Protein.

Pea Protein provides you 82.5 gram protein, 6.1 gram of carbohydrates, 6.1 gram of fats and 394 kcal calories per 100 gram of serving.

Pea Protein

Benefits of Pea Protein

  • A Complete Protein
  • Easy To Digest
  • Leaves You Feeling Satiated
  • Helps In Recovering Muscle Strength After Workouts
  • Plant-Based Form Of Protein

Disadvantages of Pea Protein

  • Low In One Vital Amino Acid
  • Relatively Low In Fiber

Pea Protein Price in India – Rs.949 (400gm) onwards

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Important Questions About Whey Protein Answered

Can I take supplements other than Whey Protein?

Casein protein, egg white protein, brown rice protein and soy protein are the best sources of protein other than Whey protein. These natural alternatives nourish your body with essential nutrients and make your body healthy and fit.

What is a good replacement for protein powder?

While protein powders work as supplements to provide you with the energy that the body requires, you can substitute these with many other products. Consuming Ricotta Cheese and Tofu will provide you the same energy like that of Whey Protein. You can even consume milk and yoghurt or nuts and seeds like almonds and peanuts to match the level of energy provided by protein powder supplements.

Which protein powder is best for building muscle fast?

Whey Protein powder is best for building muscle fat as it is full of body building proteins. Rich in the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that can easily be absorbed by the body, whey Protein helps in muscle gain. While whey is a byproduct of milk, many people cannot consume it due to lactose intolerance. If you’re one amongst those, check out other natural alternatives like nuts and seeds and lentils or other protein powders like egg white protein, pea protein and brown rice protein. These protein powders and supplements also provide you the essential nutrients and proteins that are required to build muscle mass.

 Do Whey Protein shakes work like meal replacements?

No, whey protein shakes are not consumed as replacements for meals. You should take proper meals while consuming Whey Protein.

Can milk replace protein shakes?

Though milk is a rich source of protein, protein shakes provide essential nutrients. Protein shakes can be prepared with milk to provide complete nutrition to your body.

Is it better to drink protein right after a workout or before a workout?

It does not matter when you drink a protein shake. You can drink it after or before a workout as per your choice.

What happens if you lift weights but do not consume enough protein?

If you do not consume enough proteins and continue to weight train, then you might feel fatigued all day and lose lean muscle mass which is important for body health.

Can I use flour instead of protein powder?

No, you can’t use flour instead of protein powder. Protein powder is made from milk and is completely different from flour. Protein powder is essential to provide the much-needed quantity of proteins to your body.

What should I eat after a workout besides a protein shake?

Protein shakes are rich sources of proteins that provide your body with essential nutrients. However, you can have soy milk, brown rice and egg whites if you are seeking natural alternatives to whey protein.

Buying Protein

There are many brands that make whey protein and other protein products. Here are some choices that you can consider:

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