Why Do People Do This To Pizza: Kiwi Pizza

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A lot of things can be done to the dear food that is pizza. However, people really seem to have taken that fact for granted. I mean, they must have, right? Or else, who in their right minds would put Kiwi on pizza? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Kiwi, Chinese Gooseberry, the green fruit from China has now found a place on (PIZZA!?)

Stellan Johansson of Skottorp, Sweden is the man behind this monstrosity. He, as a Christmas gift, had received 10 kgs of the fruit from his brother. Poor man, not knowing what do to, took it to a pizza parlour and requested for it to be put on his pie. And thence came the controversy.

People were quick to criticize, as they always are, on social media. The whole thing blew up on Twitter, with people going so far as calling it Satan’s creation and similar namecalling. A while ago, it was the Gulab Jamun pizza that created a storm, now, it’s Kiwi. That only begs the question – What’s next? Let’s wait and pray.

In the meanwhile, a pallette cleanse is in order. Let’s talk about some of the better toppings we’ve experienced on Pizza.


The no-fuss, no-nonsense Margherita can always be trusted. It is the ultimate food to be had on a Friday night when everyone’s down to their last pennies. Use Swiggy coupons and Swiggy promo codes to get it for even cheaper when the situation is really dire.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Perhaps the most iconic one, the Barbeque Chicken pizza is widely loved. With a myriad of complimentary toppings added along with it, the BBQ Chicken is one of the most popular ones on the menu. Use Swiggy offers and Swiggy coupon codes from CashKaro to get awesome cashback on your order.

Veggie Loaded

For vegetarians and veggie lovers, this is the pizza to be had. The Veggie loaded contains all your favourite vegetarian toppings with the perfect Marinara sauce and the softest base. Enjoy the veggie-loaded using Swiggy promo codes and Swiggy coupon codes from CashKaro.

At CashKaro, we have a lot more Swiggy offers for you to use on pizzas you actually like. Get your mind off the Kiwi Pizza and enjoy your favourite pie with Swiggy coupons.

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