Why Do You Need To Know Your CIBIL Score Today?

Credit score is a short three-digit numeric summary of a person’s credit history. It’s a medium that represents a person’s creditworthiness based on a level analysis of the credit information report of that person. A credit information report summarizes the payment history of loans and credit cards borrowed from banks and other financial institutions. The score ranges from 300- 900, the closer you get to 900, the stronger is your Credit score.

Why Do You Need to Check Your Credit Score?

A credit score or a Credit score plays an important role in the loan and credit card approval process. This is the first criteria considered by banks while reviewing your loan or credit card applications. However, a low credit score does not mean that your loan will not be sanctioned at all. In addition to your credit score, there are other things that also play a critical role in the evaluation of a loan application.

Where To Check Your Credit Score?

There are various options that can help check the Credit score online. Some of these include Bankbazaar, Paisabazaar, Wishfin, etc. However, MyMoneyKarma is a convenient and accurate option that helps you check your Credit score for free within minutes. It provides free and easy access to people where they can manage their finances better. You can apply for a personal loan, home loan and check your Credit score online through MyMoneyKarma.

CashKaro offers Rs. 15 CashKaro rewards if you check it online at MyMoneyKarma. Here, you do not spend any bucks. In fact, you get to earn some that can be converted into Amazon or Flipkart gift cards.

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How Do You Check Your Credit Score Online Through MyMoneyKarma?  

Here’s how you can check your Credit score online through MyMoneyKarma:

Step 1: Go to the MyMoneyKarma Page on CashKaro  

Use the Search Bar to look for MyMoneyKarma. You can also select the button given below to directly reach the store page.

Visit CashKaro's MyMoneyKarma Page

Why Do You Need To Know Your CIBIL Score Today?

Step 2: Find The Deal You Like

Choose the deal from the available options on CashKaro store page. Click on the ‘Activate Cashback’ button to avail flat Rs.15 cashback in your CashKaro account.

Step 3: Sign Up Or Sign In 

If you are a new user, then sign up for CashKaro and select the ‘Join To Activate Cashback’ button. For existing users, they can simply sign in to avail the offer.

Why Do You Need To Know Your CIBIL Score Today?

Step 4: Select ‘Visit Retailer’ Tab

Click on the orange ‘Visit Retailer’ button and you will be redirected to the retailer’s website.

Step 5: Fill the Form with correct details

Enter your name, date of birth, mobile number, valid PAN card number and pin code of your permanent address. Select ‘Get My Credit Score’ to know your Credit score.

Step 6: Confirm OTP (One Time Password)

You will receive an OTP on your given mobile number that you need to enter on MyMoneyKarma. It is necessary to confirm your mobile number through the OTP in order to proceed with the process.

Step 7: Enter a four-letter password of your choice

Enter a numeric password for future use in case you check your Credit score some other time. You can use the same password to continue the process.

Step 8: The Process is Complete.

Your Credit score shall be displayed on the screen.

Upon completing this process, you will get Rs. 15 CashKaro Rewards that you can convert into Amazon or Flipkart Gift cards within 72 hours of your reviewing your Credit score.

Isn’t it great? Click on the button below to check your Credit score.

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