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In this selfie-obsessed world we are living in where over 93 million selfies are clicked every day, Reebok deviates from the norm and advocates a strong anti-selfie message in its #BreakYourSelfie campaign.

So why #BreakYourSelfie ?

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While it is pretty surprising to see Reebok go with such a message, you can’t outrightly brandish the sports brand. In fact, Reebok has a cool message through this seemingly negative campaign which makes it all the more interesting.

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1. Success = 0% Luck, 100% Hustle

While the selfies you click showcase the cool, happy, laid back, and blissful side of your life, it hides the hustle that it takes to go through the hardships of every day and still look your best.

Reebaok Fitness Clothes

Reebok wants to break this chain of head-tilting, duck-facing, and doe-eyeing perfect selfies and replace it with selfies that show you overcoming challenges and defeating defeat. And, these selfies are not perfect but more human!

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2. Capture Your Struggles

We all love to flaunt that final glossy outcome of a good workout and a hard day at the gym. But why not showcase the real challenges overcome to look your beautiful best?

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Reebok wants you to not just capture the moments that look good on frame, but those moments behind closed doors where grunts, yowls, and sweat make you look your true best.

3. Live Life without Filters

Selfies with filters do make you look cool and beautiful. But they aren’t even close to being as amazing as a ‘real’ selfie.  Say no to plastic expressions with manipulative filters and show the world the real you with visible blemishes and battle scars.

4. When Celebs Can, Why Can’t You?

John Abraham Reebok

Bollywood star and fitness freak John Abraham loves a good dose of sweat out session at the gym every morning. Meanwhile, two-time best actress winner Kangana Ranaut cannot get through her day without an adrenaline-filled high dose workout in her Reebok fitness outfit.

Kangana Ranaut Reebok

When celebrities are ready to tear themselves down to look their best every day, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t!

5. Be More Human

The underlying message in all of this anti-selfie propaganda by Reebok is to make you look more and be more human. There are enough robots in the world already. Show off your human side and be more human mentally, physically and socially.

Reebok Be More Human

Go out and #BreakYourSelfie with Reebok!

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