Raspberry leaf tea is one of those rare herbal teas that is recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is made from leaves of the red raspberry plant. Raspberry tea has been used since a long time especially during pregnancy years for digestive, respiratory and uterine ailments.

Here are some bizarre facts and benefits of Raspberry leaf tea!

  • It does not taste like raspberries! Instead, it tastes like black tea.
  • It is known to be a woman’s herb!
  • The red raspberry leaf contains alkaloid and fragrine. These can be beneficial for uterus and can strengthen pelvic area.
  • It is packed with vitamins C, E, A, B and important minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus.
  • It is said to reduce morning sickness and even improve effectiveness of contractions.
  • The minerals present in tea can also help boost lactation.
  • It helps tone the muscles which can considerably bring down labor pain.

According to healthcare professionals, women should start drinking raspberry tea after their 2nd trimester. About 1-3 cups of tea daily is the usual recommended dosage. However, do consult your specialist doctor before you decide on the dose.

4 Important Questions About Raspberry Tea Answered

1. When should I start drinking raspberry tea during pregnancy?

It is usually advised to begin drinking raspberry tea from the 32nd week of pregnancy. This helps the nutrients from the raspberry tea to build up in the body and show their effect. Begin with consuming 1 cup of raspberry tea in a day and gradually take it up to 3 cups a day to see the most effect.

2. Does raspberry tea induce labour?

No, raspberry tea does not induce labor, it just makes labor easier and bearable by strengthening the uterus lining.

3. Is it safe to drink raspberry tea while pregnant?

Yes, drinking raspberry tea while pregnant is perfectly safe. Infact, it helps to strengthen the uterus lining and prepares you for the arduous labour. Consume raspberry tea from the 32nd week of your pregnancy.

4. Can raspberry tea cause miscarriages?

No, raspberry tea works to strengthen and tone the uterus and helps prevent miscarriage.

Where To Buy Raspberry Tea?

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