Insurance may not be the first thing you think about when commuting to and from work. But considering the increase in the number of accidents per day, it’s necessary to get a daily commuter insurance to keep yourself covered from all the future mishaps. If you’re insuring your commuter bike, your kit and yourself, it will definitely give you peace of mind each day as you ride to and from work.

So Why Would You Need Insurance If You’re Riding To Work?

In Case of Theft

There are a few light-fingered types who would love to get their hands on your bike, which means you would need to buy a new one to keep on commuting. Insuring it means that your bike would be replaced in the event of theft, provided you comply with the locking requirements of your policy.

Accidental Damage

It happens to all of us. Whether caused by ice or a pothole, if your bike is damaged then insurance can cover the cost of the repairs

Get Home Cover

In the unfortunate event that you trash your bike on the way home from work, a great insurance policy will cover the cost of a taxi to get you home, in addition to the repair costs.

Personal Accident Cover

If you’re injured as a result of riding your bike then an insurance policy can help with rehabilitation costs.

There comes Toffee Insurance, that will cover all your loss occurred while commuting.

About Toffee Insurance

Toffee Insurance, founded in 2017 by Nishant Jain and Rohan Kumar differentiates itself by offering unique insurance policies in a digital-only format. It provides affordable, digitized and easy to understand insurance policies built to fit your lifestyle.

Toffee Insurance: Daily Commuter Insurance Benefits

Accidental Death

If an insured person suffers an Accident during the Policy Period and this is the sole and direct cause of his death within 365 days from the date of the Accident, then We will pay the Sum Insured.

Permanent Total Disablement

A lumpsum payment would be made as per scale provided in policy in the event of Permanent Total Disablement due to an accident.

Emergency Ambulance Charges

If Toffee Insurance has accepted a claim under this Policy and following the Accident. It is necessary to immediately transfer the insured person to the nearest Hospital by ambulance offered by a healthcare or an ambulance service provider. Then they will, in addition, reimburse the actual expenses of the transfer using the shortest route.

Cost of Wheelchair/ Crutches

If Toffee Insurance has accepted a claim related to Permanent Total Disablement then they will, in addition, reimburse up to 80% of the actual expenses incurred in purchasing a wheelchair or crutches. For the insured person, provided that the wheelchair or crutches are necessitated by the disablement or are needed for the medical treatment of the insured person following the Accident.

Accident Hospitalization (Inpatient & Outpatient)

If an insured person suffers an Accident during the Policy Period that requires Outpatient Treatment or that insured person’s Hospitalization as an inpatient, then Toffee Insurance will, in addition, reimburse the Medical Expenses incurred for such insured person provided that the Hospitalization commences within the same Policy Period.

Broken Bones

If an accident causes an Insured person to suffer a fracture (a break in the continuity of a bone) and this is certified by a Doctor and also confirmed by imaging investigations such as by X-ray, then Toffee Insurance will pay the percentage of the sum insured.

In Case of Fraud

If any claim is in any manner dishonest or fraudulent or is supported by any dishonest or fraudulent means or devices, by any Insured Person or anyone acting on behalf of an Insured person, then this Policy shall be void and all benefits paid under it shall be forfeited.

How Do I Get It? 

Toffee Insurance is working with major insurance providers such as Apollo Munich, HDFC Ergo, ICICI Prudential, Religare, Tata AIG and Future Generali to tailor specific Toffee Policies for you.

Here’s how you can get yourself insured through Toffee Insurance:

  • Visit the Toffee Insurance home page
  • Complete the Sign-up process
  • Enter the date of birth (as per the Aadhaar card) of the person to be insured
  • Enter the location
  • Mark yourself as the Nominee
  • Now pay for the applied Insurance

You’re all done!

So, hurry up and get yourself insured by Toffee Insurance and Get amazing offers on doing so via CashKaro.

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