Bigg Boss season 10 had a very interesting comeback this year as it featured both Indian television celebrities and aam aadmi together under one roof. Things were going well and good but then Swami Om happened.

Always clad in scarlet kurtas and rudraksha beads, everyone treated Swami Om with respect but soon he became the most controversial contestant of the Bigg Boss house. Even Salman Khan was at his wit’s end because of the troublemaker. While you think he is suitable to stay, I am going to tell you 6 reasons why he should be out of the house by now.

He Disrespects Women

Swami Om

This became evident on the premier day itself when Swami Om admitted that he had kicked Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor for wearing revealing clothes. Since then there have been many such incidences which reveal he is a misogynist.

He is Highly Unhygienic


It is hard to unsee once you see it. During a task called BB Taxi Stand, Swami Om refused to use the taxi to go to the loo and urinated in a mug in the kitchen instead. This shows he is not just repulsive but also unhygienic.

He Passes Nasty and Sexist Remarks on Women

Swami om

There are incessant events which prove the pseudo-baba ji is a hypocrite. To mention a few, he called Lopa Mudra ugly, body-shamed Mona Lisa, and threatened Bani saying her mother will die.

He is Portraying India in low light

swami om

The things done by Swami Om not only put him in low light but also stigmatizes the image of our country at the global level. All his actions reflect our culture as orthodox and conservative which is not at all the case.

His Idea to Win a Task is by Getting Physical


The self-proclaimed godman wants to be the biggest entertainer and his idea of entertaining people is by getting physical with the other housemates. Recently, he kick-broke the bathroom door because apparently, Rohan refused to come out. Prior to that, he has abused other contestants and been part of many spats in the house.

He Lacks Moral Etiquettes

On a scale of KRK to Dolly Bindra, Swami Om is at the zenith when it comes to lack of etiquettes. He steals household stuff, breaks rules, and doesn’t live up to his words. He also had to quit the show for a while as Delhi Court issued a non-bailable warrant against him for stealing 11 bicycles, expensive spare parts, and some important documents. All this shows that he is eating the reputation of genuine babas in the name of entertainment and it’s high time he should be out of the house. Period!

If that doesn’t fill you up, here is an audition video of Swami Om.

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