Ever since she was admitted to Apollo some 75 days back, a fear had gripped the city of Chennai for the Iron Lady who had ensured law and order in the state and also revamped the employment conditions as she was lying down trying to recover soon. The entirety of the situation catapulted to that of immense dilemma, shock and irrevocable fear when on Sunday, 4th of Dec 2016, news of her depreciated condition broke. She suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest and was put on heart and lung support, which was the highest form of treatment available worldwide. This meant that the audacious Iron Lady was reduced to a vegetable depending on machines around her to breathe.

And finally on Monday 5th of Dec 2016, Tamil Nadu’s most loved Chief Minister passed away. Over her tenure from being a Bharatanatyam dancer to being the Chief Minister, she’s garnered love and respect from all corners and that is not surprising. Here’s why:

***She has made immense efforts to unite the masses, irrespective of the religious grounds.

07-1412677053-supporters-of-aiadmk3This is exceptional because there are many in that profession who still have the divide and rule policy in their minds.

***She introduced buses for the elderly, those that plied between no-connectivity areas.


Who wouldn’t want a CM like that?

***She had introduced Micro-Loan facilities for suburban populations at no interest charges.


These have paved the way for the village people to grow manifold.

***She revamped the industrial and technology sector in a multitude of ways.

Thanks to her, there are places like the Rajiv Gandhi expressway, the IT hub of Chennai.

***She became a mascot of women empowerment in Tamil Nadu.

jayalalithaa-aiadmk-7591Although a few women hailing from that part of the country have risen into the political scene (like Brinda Karat, Kanimozhi etc.), she was one of the first who audaciously raised her voice as a confident woman in a patriarchal society like of Tamil Nadu.

***She ensured food for all through her Amma Canteen and Amma water.

amma-canteens_7_070114022724At Rs. 3/lunch and Rs. 5/dinner, this scheme has saved so many lives.

***She fought for woman-and-child like no other.

cmbaby2Who can forget the “Cradle Baby Scheme” meant especially for the baby girls.

***She has worked for the masses (the daily wage labourers, the farmers and even the artisans).

Her schemes for irrigation, regulation of payments and ensuring a full-fledged cottage industry in Kanchipuram have actually helped people reap immense financial benefits. Plus, the highways development authorities delivered successfully under her regime.

Not only for Tamil Nadu but also for India, she remains as an icon of resilience and good governance. It’s difficult to find someone as strong and compassionate as her who would be able to spread waves of development too.

Picture credits: Tamil Nadu Government Portal.

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